Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Kokoda Challenge events were forced to cancel for 2020.

We know how disappointed all of our competitors were following this announcement (ourselves included), so we decided to come up with a way to keep our community together, encourage everyone to still stay fit and active during these trying times but still obey the rules set out by the Australian government to combat this virus.

Which is why we have decided to launch the VIRTUAL Kokoda Challenge.

We have made this platform completely FREE for all those wishing to participate, nor do we expect anyone to raise any funds. This exercise is purely to keep our community together and ensure that everyone is maintaining a healthy lifestyle in isolation. However, if you wish to make a goodwill donation to use our platform or if anyone you know has requested to donate to the Kokoda Youth Foundation to support your efforts and our magnificent cause then they are welcome to do so through the donation page.

We hope you will join us in keeping the Kokoda community together while keeping fit and healthy during isolation.

Got any questions? Head to our FAQs page to find the answers!

Register Now


Register online now! You will have until the 31st of May to complete the challenge of your choice.

At home, in your backyard, around the block, in your local park - it’s up to you! All we ask is that you respect the laws set out by your state or territory, make sure you check their websites to get the latest guidelines

Anyone can do it and we encourage you to get everyone in your home involved to help you complete your own challenge. Why not get your friends involved too and start a competition to see who can finish the challenge quicker!

The world is experiencing some trying times and we want to do what we can to help keep our Kokoda community together and encourage everyone to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle in new and creative ways!

How it works

Register Yourself

Follow the prompts to register for the virtual event and have your very own page created for you. This is where you’ll be able to connect your fitness app or manually log how many kilometers you have completed.

Choose Your Challenge

48 or 96kms over one month, what challenge will you tackle!? We’ve chosen to keep the existing lengths we had set for the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne challenges so you know what to expect when you take on the real Kokoda Challenge in 2021.

Get Physical

Get out there and get active! You have one month to walk, run or hike to add up your kilometers, it’s completely up to you! Whether it’s at home on the treadmill or out jogging around the block, it’s important to maintain social distancing and still abide by the current rules set in place by your local government. Please ensure you regularly check your state or territories website for updates on what rules you need to follow when exercising.

Share Your Journey

It is more important now than ever before to embrace our community! Share photos of how you’re exercising in isolation to give others ideas – don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #KokodaVirtualChallenge

 Register now and see you on social! #KokodaVirtualChallenge

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