Kokoda Challenge Schools Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't below, please don't hesitate to get in touch
with us on 0755394141 or info@kokodachallenge.com.

When do school registrations open?

Registrations for our Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane events open December 1, 2022 at 7am sharp! We often sell out on opening day, so set your alarms!

What is the registration PROMO code?

During the registration process, schools are to use a PROMOCODE to waive immediate payment fees. This code is KOKODASCHOOLS. Schools will be invoiced the full amount of all registered teams once registration is complete.

How long does a school have to pay their invoice? 

Schools MUST pay their invoices within one month of the registered event.
If a school does not pay their invoice by this date, their registered teams will be automatically removed from the event. 

Invoices will be sent out on the last Thursday of every month. 

What are the limitations on registering?

We run on a first in, best dressed policy for our school events. There are no limitations on how many teams a school can enter however once we are sold out of school registrations, we cannot permit more teams to enter. 

How do we register our teams, can we do all of them in one go or does each team have to register separately?

Teams are to be registered separately by the team captain of each team. A school CANNOT register a bulk number of teams in one go. This is due to waiver forms that must be read by team captains.

How do I complete my online registration as a team member? 

Every member of a team is required to have a Kokoda Challenge participant log-in. This means every competitor must register themselves as a part of the team online. 

Team members can either join a team through the team's fundraising page by clicking "join team" and following the prompts. Alternatively, team captains can send an email invitation to team members. Team members are then to open this invitation and complete the registration as instructed. All registrations must be complete 4 weeks prior to the event. 

When do team member details need to be completed by? 

Every single one of your team members must complete their personal details, within their individual profile on the Friday 4 weeks before event day. 
Every member of a team is required to complete an online registration and this is to be completed ASAP. 

Where can I locate waiver forms? 

ll waivers are now completed ONLINE during a team members individual registration. Once a member is registered online and is a part of the team, their waiver is complete. 
This means there is no hard copy waiver forms that need to be completed for participation in the Kokoda Challenge events. 

Do teams have to reach the fundraising amount to participate?

Each team must fundraise a minimum amount to participate in the event, if you do not reach this target you will not be able to start the event. Your fundraising efforts go towards funding our Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP), changing lives of local teenagers. Our events were started with the sole purpose of bringing together the community to raise money for this youth program. Fundraising is a great way to engage with your community and share the message of Kokoda. Read more about KCYP here.

Can parents be the team captain?

We encourage members of school faculty to be team captains. This allows strong relationships to be formed with students. However, if a member of faculty is not available then a guardian or parent can be the captain. The team captain MUST have a valid blue card during training and for the event.

Can we have more or less than 4 students in each team?

Teams are to consist of 4 students and one teacher. This is due to health and safety requirements. We cannot permit teams to have more or less than 4 participating students.

What if a student pulls out during the event?

Each team must make a legitimate attempt to complete the event. If a teammate is to pull our due to injury or fatigue, the team captain must notify the Kokoda Challenge staff and follow provided instruction. The team can continue with the challenge once the withdrawn teammate has been successfully removed from the team.  

We've been asked for a fundraising letter?

Some establishments (like Bunnings) require a letter from us confirming you are a competitor for our event and are fundraising for us. If you require a letter like this, please email info@kokodachallenge.com and provide us with your name and your team name so we can send you a personalised letter. Please note, if requested we can also provide you with our public liability insurance certificate.