Another Mad Idea

Team Updates

Here we go again....number 3

one sucessful, one not so successful.

In 2019 we are doing it all again....why.....mmmmm not 100% sure, other than it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and wanted to make sure 2018 wasn’t just a fluke😁😁

When we are training we see the Kokoda Kids walking and training, know what we are doing is helping them to develop themselves and give them a focus, drive and a purpose in life. 

Our son was very fortunate to be born with two pretty amazing parents 🤣🤣, who are able to provide him with a safe, secure and positive life.  Some kids are not so lucky and the Kokoda foundation helps to provide those kids with a sense of belonging and enable them to participate in these events, making them confident and gain a belief in themselves.

Please support our team as we support the Kokoda Foundation. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Judith Newman



Wishing Kelli all the luck on her amazing adventure


Simon Lyons

Awesome effort Judith, I mean to donate to support you before the hike rather than to congratulate you for it. Great achievement!



Good Luck!


Amanda And Steve Adams

Good luck psycho!!


Sammy White Xx

Crush it Kel!


Kelli Alderdice


Rachel Meakes

fantastic cause...Judith you have got this one easy


Molly Oneill-emmi

I think you’re nuts 😉🤣 But I applaud your dedication, commitment and will. You got this!! 💜


Judith Newman