Courage & Casualties

We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard!

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Michael Harvey



Embrace the chafe!



Go get'm team!


Alan Costello

Best of luck buddy 💪💪


Anthony Buttigieg

Good Luck Boys and Christa keep Hanlon Happy and Fed don't want Hangry Hanlon come out.


Pat Byrne

Maith an fear.


Robyn Cleary


Glenn And Nic Goodsir

Grab 2 beers and see what happens 😀


Ben Phillips

Great cause, No white flags out there in the course.


Kurt Hanlon

Great bloke, great cause. Have fun Luke.


Kim And Tess

Uncle Kim would love to join you but he's allergic to chaffing. Great work mate.


Kearnsy007 Bond

See ya Tuesday burkie!!


Leigh Hanlon

Luv ya AUNTY Lils


Bill Red

I want to see tears and blood and snot


Great Nan Hanlon

Proud of you Luke.



Best of luck Mr Byrne, from all the lads on D wing. You was always our favorite.



Train Hard


John Greenwood

Dont forget to drink plenty of water


Mark Harvey

Very worthwhile cause I’m sure you’ll reach your goal Good luck Luke


Angela Reeves

Good onya Luke! Huge goal but Hanlons eat up challenges like they're cheeseymite toast.


Mary Butters



Anthony Beltramelli

Good Luck Guys !!


Dave Healy

Best of luck cuz. Make the parish proud! 😎👍


Brooke Byrne

Don’t be crying about your sore legs to me!


Xavier Indie Hunter

Good Luck Daddy!



Woof woof


Anita Corrigan

Best of luck cuz 🤗


Fr.windy Shepherd Henderson

Stephen killed Sid and stole his shoes. Good luck the book. God bless


Ewald Isaak

Good luck boys!!!



Get it boys!


Queen Elizabeth Ii

Good show old chap! *Queen's wave*


Veronica Waugh

All the best boys :-)



Well done byrnie n best of luck 👌🏿 Rox


Keith O Brien

Head up pops.


Derek Hodder

Great cause, I like it! Good Luck.