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Digital Detox Program (DDP)

The world's technology consumption has drastically increased in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started affecting our everyday lives, however the true addiction to technology is becoming increasingly obvious in young people. The Digital Detox Program is an early intervention program for 12-14 year olds who are already showing signs of digital dependence.

The kids will attend a fully funded 9-day camp at Kokoda Park, located in the foothills of Mt Beau Brummel, about 20 minutes' drive West of Laidley. This pilot youth program will be facilitated by our trained Kokoda Youth Services staff, a professional counsellor, and our outdoor education instructors.

Through a series of adventure-based activities and educational workshops, these kids will be given the opportunity to totally disconnect from technology - that's right, there is no reception at Kokoda Park so even they couldn't scroll, even if they wanted to!

During their digital detox, the kids will be encouraged to evaluate their overall well-being and create healthy new habits and boundaries surrounding their use of personal devices.

All Expenses Paid

We understand that it can sometimes be financially challenging to get the right support for your children. For this reason, the Kokoda Youth Foundation has made the Digital Detox a completely funded program meaning there is no cost involved in the enrolment process. Parents/ guardians only need to organise transport to and from the camp and personal luggage, the rest is covered!

Time away from tech

The aim of this youth program is for the kids to create new connections, engage in physical activity, undertake wilderness expeditions and learn mindfulness techniques, as they enjoy our peaceful and comfortable Kokoda Park facilities. The kids will spend their time making the most of the outdoor education activities like the high ropes course, archery, and orienteering.

Some of these outdoor experiences will truly challenge the kids as they explore activities outside their comfort zone. The sense of pride and achievement that comes with achieving these physical feats is something we hope they will take with them into the future. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Through a series of education workshops throughout the program, the kids will come to the eye-opening realisation and understanding that the programming of social media and gaming platforms as tools for corporations to profit, which can only be achieved through reliance and unhealthy attachments.

The good news is that technology can also be used to improve young people's mental health when used correctly. By educating kids on the connection to behaviours that are triggered by digital use, we can arm them with the techniques to overcome and reduce their impact. This program is not about eradicating the use of digital devices, but it aims to help young people gain the skills to better balance their lives and reduce the negative emotional and social impact of digital dependency.

Throughout their stay at Kokoda Park, the kids take inspiration from the Kokoda Youth Foundation values: Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice which are shared through the story of the Kokoda Campaign in 1942.

The detox is only the begining

To achieve the best outcomes possible from this youth program, a parent or guardian for each kid will be required to attend the final two days of the camp at Kokoda Park.

This will allow families to have a united approach to learning about digital dependence and form strategies together in order to help create healthier habits at home. These two days will also encourage parents to live in the moment more with their developing teen, perhaps also helping them realise their own digital dependence.

If you (or your teen) is aged 12-14 and would benefit from a digital disconnect these school holidays, sign up now and learn the skills and habits to thrive in a digital world.

What is Included

The program includes the following:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • 24/7 support while on camp
  • Use of facilities
  • Adventure activities
  • Participation in all program modules.
  • Education resources for during and post camp use
  • 2 night experience for parents (all expenses paid)
  • Professional support by our Youth Workers and Counsellor
  • Post camp support


Make new friends with like minded people

Meet like minded people with similar interests and values.

Accommodation and nutritious meals provided

All meals and accommodation is provided for the duration of the camp.

Experience adventurous activities

Experience the great outdoors through participating in activities like the giant swing, flying fox and high ropes.

techniques to overcome digital reliance

Go home knowing you are equipped to overcome your digital reliance and enjoy each and every day without the pressures of the digital world!

Gain new skills
from different workshops

Participate in workshops that provide education and skills to combat peer pressure relating to social media.

Enjoy camping
with your new friends

Enjoy 2 nights of camping in tents with campfire cooking and lots of hot chocolates! 

Parent / Guardian participation for final two days

Parents get to come along and learn about how to help kids navigate through the digital world.