Kokoda Youth Foundation

Kokoda Pathways Program (KPP) is a Kokoda Youth Foundation program, targeting senior students who are at crossroads with education and future employment, may be at risk of disengaging from school or family life, or experiencing a lack of direction and motivation.

Through a combination of life skill lessons, physical activity, shared success with new friends and employment mentoring, teens gain skills and confidence to tackle the next stage in their lives, post school.

The challenges that today’s young people face are unique and arise from a range of different circumstances – whether they be challenges at school, home, peers, sport or work. Through a combination of life skills lessons, challenging physical activity, shared success with new friends, self-belief and an ongoing network of support, young people can gain the confidence and skills to overcome adversity and forge a positive life path.

The theory driving KPP is Adventure-Based Learning and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Participants will be increasingly exposed to a controlled level of challenges and guided by program mentors to learn and practice a range of social and personal development skills.

With the support of the Kokoda Youth Foundation, participants will be mentored in the skills needed for workplace rediness. Once they have completed the physical phase of the program, participants will have opportunities to connect with the KYF’s business partners and associates who require employees.