On The Right Track (OTRT)

On The Right Track (OTRT) is a Kokoda Youth Foundation program funded by Accor Hotels. This program is run with a selected high school, targeting grade 8 and 10 students who are disengaged from their education. Through a combination of life skill lessons, physical activity, shared success with new friends and community service over a period of 6 months, these teens gain skills and confidence to overcome adversity. OTRT provides young people with an alternative way to express their feelings in a safe, controlled and nurturing environment, whilst challenging them to break through their pre-set beliefs and personal limits.



"Our son loved the opportunity to experience some of the hardship Australian soldiers had to endure, while learning about the Kokoda history, learning to work for others and feeling the benefit of giving back to the community... It taught him to set goals and work towards achieving them, perservere when times seem tough and to work with others towards a common goal... It's a great program!"