Best Secret Waterfall near the Gold Coast

Discover what we think is the best waterfall on the Gold Coast that no one knows about!
Monday, 14th Sep 20

Camp Kokoda Needs Your Help!

Camp Kokoda needs help accommodating our dedicated instructors who are required to stay on site due ...
Wednesday, 9th Sep 20

Best Hidden Gold Coast Swimming Hole

Escape the crowds at this lesser known Gold Coast waterfall, the perfect weekend adventure with the ...
Monday, 7th Sep 20

Our Supportive Schools

Meet the schools who have been completing the Kokoda Challenge for years and continue to support our...
Friday, 28th Aug 20

Kokoda Community Challenge Complete!

Lynley completed 96kms in under 24 hours for the Kokoda Community Challenge with no training whatsoe...
Monday, 20th Jul 20

Kokoda Community Challenge

Seeing as the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge was forced to cancel, we're encouraging our competitors to...
Wednesday, 15th Jul 20

2021 Brisbane & Gold Coast Dates Announced!

Get out your diaries and pencil in the dates for the 2021 Brisbane and Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge!
Thursday, 25th Jun 20

That’s a wrap for the Kokoda Virtual Challenge!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Kokoda Virtual Challenge!
Monday, 1st Jun 20

The Virtual Finish Line is in Sight!

This is the last week of the Kokoda Virtual Challenge! Read on if you need to add more last minutes ...
Monday, 25th May 20

Meet the Champion of the Kokoda Virtual Challenge

Sam Barham completed the 96km Kokoda Virtual Challenge in under 24 hours and manager to raise over $...
Monday, 18th May 20

Week 2: Kokoda Virtual Challenge Update

Over $6.5k fundraised and some competitors have already completed their 96km challenges!
Friday, 15th May 20

A Brief History of Kokoda

A brief insight into the incredible history that occurred along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea
Friday, 8th May 20

Media Release: Kokoda Virtual Challenge

Walk the Kokoda Track virtually at home during isolation
Wednesday, 6th May 20

FAQs: Kokoda Virtual Challenge

Here's the answers to all of your questions in regards to the Kokoda Virtual Challenge!
Tuesday, 5th May 20

Kokoda Virtual Challenge

We are delighted to announce to you all that the Kokoda Virtual Challenge has begun!
Friday, 1st May 20

An ANZAC Day Like No Other

An ANZAC Day like no other, thank you to all those who took part in the At Home Dawn Service
Monday, 27th Apr 20

Endurance: The Real Challenge

Building the physical AND mental endurance necessary to cross the finish line at the Kokoda Challeng...
Friday, 17th Apr 20

Courage: What Does It Mean To You?

Courage is bravery, fearlessness, strength and so much more. These are the value we try to instil in...
Wednesday, 15th Apr 20

6 Ways to Enjoy Easter Weekend At Home

The best way to still enjoy your long weekend without breaking the social distancing rules!
Tuesday, 7th Apr 20

2020 Kokoda Challenges Cancelled

It is with deep sadness that we announce the cancellation of all 2020 Kokoda Challenges, here are al...
Monday, 23rd Mar 20

Keeping the Spirit of ANZAC Alive Despite the Cancellation o...

This is how Australia is coming together this ANZAC Day despite the cancellation of all dawn service...
Thursday, 19th Mar 20

COVID-19 Important Event Updates

All of the updates regarding the changes to the Kokoda Challenge events due to COVID-19 can be found...
Monday, 16th Mar 20

Introducing the Speakers at the FREE 2020 Kokoda Challenge E...

Get all the details of the FREE 2020 Kokoda Challenge Expo & Info day right here including what each...
Friday, 28th Feb 20


Monday, 20th Jan 20

Going the Extra Mile

Saturday, 11th Jan 20

What a Difference a Year Makes

Saturday, 4th Jan 20

A Change In Perspective

Thursday, 2nd Jan 20

Love Beyond The Track

Monday, 30th Dec 19

Opening up a New World

Friday, 27th Dec 19

Creating new life- Sarah McAllister

“Every time I think about the four Kokoda values I can still relate; every word seems to mean more...
Thursday, 5th Dec 19

Melbourne - that's a wrap!

Friday, 11th Oct 19

Melbourne event day details

Friday, 20th Sep 19

Mateship & Captain Sam Templeton

Thursday, 19th Sep 19

Why You Need a Support Crew!

Here's why you need a support crew to complete the Kokoda Challenge and a list of things we suggest ...
Friday, 13th Sep 19


Friday, 13th Sep 19

On The Right Track Program protecting the community

Thursday, 12th Sep 19

St Andrews Lutheran College Awarded Kokoda Challenge Cups

Wednesday, 11th Sep 19

A Checklist of Compulsory Gear You Should Always Take Hiking

Here's a list of equipment you will need to complete the Kokoda Challenge and gear we recommend you ...
Friday, 6th Sep 19

For the love of Challenge - A Kokoda Challenge Story

Friday, 6th Sep 19

Soak in the moment

Tuesday, 3rd Sep 19