The Kokoda Challenge

Australia’s Toughest corporate team building Event

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Corporate Team Building With a Difference

Our Kokoda Challenge events are great for corporate team building as they have a tendency to bring out your real and raw emotion.
When it’s late at night, cold and dark, you get to know your teammates very well, very quickly. When you’re pushed to your absolute limit, but there's still a long way to go, these are the times you’ll rely on the people next to you to offer words of encouragement and support, and is why they’re so effective as a corporate team building activity.

We cannot recommend taking on The Kokoda Challenge with your work colleagues enough. You’ll be sweating, laughing and maybe even crying at some points, but nothing breaks down barriers more than enduring hardship and coming out the other side together.

Our events differ from other walking or trail running events as you are required to walk with your team the entire way. You must be in eye-sight of your team at all times and failure to obey this rule will mean your team will get disqualified. We encourage you to always have your slowest team member leading your group and the fastest at the back. 

This is the definition of mateship, which is what our events are all about. It means having each other's back, just like our Diggers did in 1942 along the Kokoda Track.

You’ll also be required to give back to the community through fundraising for our local youth programs. Your team will need to put your heads together to come up with some creative ways to go above and beyond your fundraising requirement. This is a part of the fun and the journey too.

The ‘Kokoda Spirit’ consists of four values; Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice - each of which provides great value to those participating in a corporate team building event. Through this journey, you will need to pull on each and every one of these values at different times. 

It will take courage to take the leap, get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you. You will need a whole lot of endurance while you tackle some of the most gruelling hills Australia has to offer. You’ll sacrifice your time to train alongside your team and to help achieve your fundraising goals too to help a community cause. Lastly, you will need mateship, because The Kokoda Challenge simply can’t be completed without it. 

After the event, your office or workplace will be buzzing with memories from the event; sharing horror stories of batted feet and blisters, swapping pictures from some of the stunning landscapes along the course and remembering the unforgettable adventure you had along the way with your team who have now become so much more than just colleagues.

Click here to hear from team Multiplex who enter multiple teams in our events every year. 

Why the Kokoda Spirit Makes for Such a Great Corporate Team Building Experience


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