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The behind the scene's team! 

Every Kokoda Challenger knows that they wouldn’t have been able to make it to the finish line without their incredible support crew! Yes, they provide food, change of clothes, first aid and many other essentials but the love and encouragement they provide is the greatest support of all!

If a team has asked you to be a part of their support crew, here are a few tips and tricks on how to best support your team:

  • All 48km and 96km teams are required to have a support crew. 30km and 18km teams do NOT have support crews. 
  • Accessing your team is allowed only at designated support crew checkpoints. If you service your team outside of these checkpoints, your team will be disqualified unless permission has been given. (Please view the support crew handbook below to find out where these designated checkpoints are.) 
  • A Support Crew briefing email will be sent 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Support crew must register at least 2 week prior to the event to receive all relevant information.
  • Support Crews are not to arrive at Major Checkpoints more than 2 hours before their team is due to arrive due to the limited parking. Create a plan with your team to communicate their ETA.
  • Support Crews must provide all toilet paper at support crew checkpoints as none will be provided by the event organisers.
  • The Kokoda Challenge is an environmentally friendly event, and we ask that support crews and teams tread lightly. Support Crews MUST remove of all rubbish. There will be no rubbish bins provided along the event route. Tip: put any muesli bars/energy bars in containers and leave the wrappers at home
  • Strap your team’s feet and sensitive areas BEFORE signs of blisters or chaffing occur.
  • Tip: If a team member is prone to blistering, strap their feet the night BEFORE the event. This helps keep strapping in place
  • Learn the route yourself and, when possible, keep in contact with your team. Learn to predict their ETA.
  • Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on important information.
  • Only one Support Crew Vehicle of standard size is permitted per team (NO Trailers or campervans allowed). Support Crew vehicles are to park in the designated parking areas. Keep driving speeds down to the bare minimum in parking areas. A register will be taken on entry to checkpoints, ensuring that only one vehicle is serving each team.
  • Know your team. Ensure you are aware of any allergies, medical conditions, and dietary requirements prior to the event.
  • A cash donation will be required at each support crew checkpoint. All donations taken are provided to the local organisation or community group volunteering their time.
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The support crew handbook is your one stop shop for all of the information you will need! Simply select your event location below and save the URL for future use.