the kokoda challenge

48km sunshine coast


Start Time

7:30 AM

20 hours to complete

48km through imbil state forest

Minimum age to register 48km kokoda challenge

13yrs old (or turning 13 the year of the event)

5 checkpoints

1 support crew checkpoint

Registrations for this event are now closed. Our Sunshine Coast Kokoda Challenge took place on Saturday 20th April, 2024. Click here for your teams finishing times. Click here to find your teams photos.

Once you cross The Kokoda Challenge finish line, you may be bruised and battered but the word ‘Kokoda’ will hold a special place in your heart knowing that you conquered possibly one of the greatest challenges of your life. But not only that, you changed the lives of local kids through your fundraising, and ensured the legacy of our Diggers lives on.

In 2023, the average finish time of the 48km Sunshine Coast Kokoda Challenge was 12 hours and 20 minutes with the winning trail running team crossing the finish line in 8 hours and 41 minutes and the final team completing their walk in 16 hours and 36 minutes. 11% of people did not finish.

You’re at the Kokoda Challenge start line with your teammates right beside you. You are standing amongst hundreds of other teams, all fuelled with nerves and excitement for the long day and night ahead. You stand in silence as the bugler plays The Last Post and The Ode is read to the crowd. You then take your first steps of what will be an unforgettable 48-kilometre adventure through Imbil State Forest. 

You’ll climb hills that feel almost vertical, you’ll wade through creeks and trudge through mud. There will be times where your team is buzzing with conversation as you walk through a beautiful, lush forest. Other times, everyone will be silent, as it takes all your focus to keep putting one foot in front of the next. 

After walking through the night, you’ll start to see bright lights up ahead. You’re overwhelmed with emotion as the experience has not been like any other. You feel a strong sense of accomplishment, you’re tired, sore and couldn’t be happier to make it to the finish line with your teammates beside you. 

After the event, you’ll reflect on your journey and feel a profound respect for all those who served during WWII, especially in New Guinea. Not only did they double the distance that you completed, but they also faced a harsh reality of minimal medical supplies and a lack of artillery, all while facing a highly trained enemy. 

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The Kokoda Challenge is operated by the Kokoda Youth Foundation, we are a local charity that exists to mentor local youth in the community through our experiential youth programs. Through our events, your team will fundraise for our 'Kokoda Kids' and honour Australia's Veterans.