30km brisbane


Start Time

9:00 AM

12 hours to complete


Minimum age to register 30km kokoda challenge

10yrs old (or turning 10 the year of the event)

3 checkpoints

no support crew

Registrations for this event are now closed. Our Brisbane Kokoda Challenge took place on Saturday 1st June, 2024. Click here for your teams finishing times. Click here to find your teams photos.

The average finish time for the Brisbane 30km Kokoda Challenge in 2023 was 8 hours and 18 minutes. The first team crossed the finish line first in an exceptional 4 hours and 25 minutes, and the final team completing the event in 14 hours and 37 minutes.

“We couldn’t believe the size of some of those hills” is something we hear a lot at The Kokoda Challenge finish line, and the 30km Brisbane course is certainly no exception! Being only 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, school and open teams from all over flock to Brookfield to take on the infamous Kokoda Challenge, otherwise known as Australia’s toughest team endurance event.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that our events are exclusive to elite athletes, we have teams of all ages and backgrounds come together for this life-changing charity event.

Some do it for personal reasons; wanting to prove to themselves what they’re really made of by testing their resilience and endurance. Others do it to honour our Veterans and ensure the memory of them lives on; you’ll learn about the history of Kokoda throughout this experience and gain a deeper understanding and respect of the hardship our Diggers endured.

The rest are in it to give back to the community, as you will be raising vital funds for youth programs run by the Kokoda Youth Foundation through this event. You might even spot some of the kids you’re helping along the track too!

All you need to complete this event is your team, and the right attitude. It’s going to be difficult, but it’s going to be one of the most amazing experiences you’ve had with your loved ones right beside you. That’s what makes The Kokoda Challenge truly special, it’s not an individual event, it’s a team event and you must stay with your team throughout the entire course.

If your team needs to stop, then so do you, it’s all about the principle of “leave no one behind” and “you’re only as fast as your slowest team member”. That’s the true meaning of the Kokoda Spirit and that’s what led our Aussie soldiers to victory during WWII along the Kokoda Track; their display of courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

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Soldiers and Veterans on stage at the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge start line

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The Kokoda Challenge is operated by the Kokoda Youth Foundation, we are a local charity that exists to mentor local youth in the community through our experiential youth programs. Through our events, your team will fundraise for our 'Kokoda Kids' and honour Australia's Veterans.

On The Right Track youth program at  the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge start line