the kokoda challenge

96km gold coast

96km gold coast KOKODA CHALLENGE

Start Time

7:00 AM

39 hours to complete

96km through GC HINTERLAND

Minimum age to register 96km kokoda challenge

15yrs old (or turning 15 the year of the event)

13 checkpoints

4 support crew checkpoints

The 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is Australia’s toughest team endurance event. 96 kilometres is the same length of the real Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea and your team will walk in honour of those who sacrificed their lives to serve and protect our country in 1942.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re work colleagues, classmates, long-term friends or family, you will all need the same values to get you to the finish line; COURAGE ENDURANCE MATESHIP SACRIFICE.

These are the very values that lead our Aussie Diggers to victory in 1942 while fighting a fierce enemy in tracherous conditions. They prevailed against all odds because they stuck together, they were always looking out for their mates and they endured no matter how difficult things got. 

That’s exactly what you and your team are going to do while you’re out on the course battling hills, blisters and unpredictable weather.

In 2023, around 24% of participants didn’t finish the 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge. This goes to show just how tough this event really is. You will need to train with your team, you will need the right equipment and you will need to push through your perceived limits if you’re going to make it to the end beside your team.

On average, it took teams 27 hours and 35 minutes to complete the entire 96 kilometres in 2023. The fastest team came in at 15 hours and 43 minutes and the very last team finished in 38 hours and 20 minutes. Just before the 39 hour cut off time (39 hours to honour the 39th Battalion who served on the Kokoda Track).

You don’t have to be an athlete to complete the Gold Coast 96km Kokoda Challenge, you just need to be willing to persevere regardless of how hard it gets and be there to encourage your teammates when they need it most.

It is an experience that will completely change you; you will sweat, cry, chafe, laugh and feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when you eventually cross the finishing line.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Veteran shaking the hands of supporters at the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge finish line

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The Kokoda Challenge is operated by the Kokoda Youth Foundation, we are a local charity that exists to mentor local youth in the community through our experiential youth programs. Through our events, your team will fundraise for our 'Kokoda Kids' and honour Australia's Veterans.