The Kokoda Challenge

Media Enquiries

Media Enquiries

The Kokoda Challenge events attract a great deal of media attention every year in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and now Lake Macquarie. Not only is this a team endurance event that tests people far beyond their limits, we also have competitors who are participating for very inspiring reasons.

Take Lachlan for example who completed The Kokoda Challenge Pinnacle. His team hiked the Sunshine Coast 48km, the Gold Coast 96km and the Brisbane 30km event.

This is all after he had won his battle with cancer and survived a serious motorcycle accident. Or Dan who completed the Gold Coast 96km Kokoda Challenge with his team after a long and continual struggle with anxiety and depression.

Not to mention the numerous participants who competed with visual impairments, holding their teammates shoulders to guide them along the course. As well as all the Veterans who have served in the Australian Defence Force who enter to maintain a connection with Australia’s military history.

There are countless stories to tell in The Kokoda Challenge, and every year in every event, we see teams cross the finish line despite all odds.

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