2018 Kokoda Kids Graduate!

21 Aug 2019

Pictured: Doug Henderson Award winners (L to R: Anna Henderson, Bailey Bassett, Freya Fenton-Marshall, Cody Simmons, Hariata Bell and Doug Henderson) 

It was a night of celebration, a moment to shine and to reflect and appreciate the journey that has been the past 14 months - it was the graduation of the 2018 Kokoda Kids. 

Through videos and stories shared by each of our groups (Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Tweed) and their leaders, attendees were given an intimate glimpse through into the bonds formed and limits pushed. 

A group of kids entered this program searching for various ways to improve and grow their lives from weekly education sessions and hiking, their trip to Papua New Guinea and Community Service. They also learned from each other, by developing unbreakable bonds through experience - a once in a lifetime experience. 

A group of young adults entered their graduation, bubbly, excited and looking forward to their bright futures - thankful for the journey that put them altogether. 

A very special congratulations to the Doug Henderson Award Winners of the evening. Chosen for their outstanding growth, commitment and dedication to the program congratulations to Cody Simmons (Tweed), Freya Fenton-Marshall (Gold Coast), Bailey Bassett (Brisbane) and Hariata Bell (Logan).

As every year, we cannot wait to see where life takes our Kokoda Kids, but we know they are ready to tackle anything that comes their way!

2018 Tweed Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

(L-R) Riley Bristow, Caleb Ralston, Nicholas Connolly, Matt Tendolle, Kiara Stevenson, Cody Simmons, Jessica Naylor, Andrew Cooke, Tony Carter, Lily Gilbert, Belinda Seaton, Tamara Carney (absent Zac Gayfer)

2018 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

(L-R) Sophie Marshall, Kaitlin Martin, Josh Purcell, Ben Rankin, Mason Smith, Elena Egorov, Freya Fenton-Marshall, Jessica Berryman, Clare Green (Absent- Marqus Hinze, Chelsea Johnson)

2018 Brisbane Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

(L-R) Dayne Jesse, Jade-Elizabeth Pearson, Ashley Armstrong, Hannah Elkin, Carmen Kirby, Bailey Bassett, Sophie Phelps, Noah Sharling, Chloe Steck, Lynley Mangin, Peter Davidson, Saul Caterall (Absent- Taro West, Kris North)

2018 Logan Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

(L-R) Clyzhel Aya-ay, Craig Rosenthal, Grace Kent, James Brouff, Samantha Harris, Lleyton Jones, Mikala Coonan, Alex Tinning-Clowes, Jason Shanks, Hariata Bell, Riley Carlson, Tallee Bobbermien-sek, Sarah Gillespie, Ali Kosha, Jean Teamoke, Phil Grannum