New 30km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

24 Nov 2022

Fairwell 18km, hello 30km!

After the hugely successful Kokoda Legacy event that honoured the 80th Anniversary of the 1942 Kokoda Campaign on Remebrance Day in 2022, we realised that our community are a bunch of go-getters who preferred to take on the 30km than the 15km!

This got us thinking, we want to be able to offer you guys something new and exciting every year, so why not mix it up and include a 30 kilometre event in the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge in 2023 instead of an 18 kilometre! 


  • When: the event will commence at 1:00pm on Saturday July 15th, 2023. 
  • Start location: you will start from Little Clagriaba Reserve, which is also the 48km and 96km support crew checkpoint.
  • Finish location: sticking to tradition, the finish line will be at the Nerang Velodrome.  
  • Time limit: your team has 12 hours to complete the 30km course. 
  • Team size: open teams can consist of 3 or 4 members. School teams must have 4 students and 1 teacher.  
  • Fundraising minimums (per team): 4-person team $600, 3-person team $450, school team $350 
  • Support crew: support crews are not permitted for the 30km Kokoda Challenge 
  • Map: the map can be found in the competitor handbook HERE or on All Trails HERE. 
  • Checkpoints: there will be two checkpoints for the 30km course, you will pass through one of these checkpoints twice so you will have three water checkpoint stops along your 30km trail run or hike  

Commencing at Little Clagriaba Reserve, the event will see teams traverse through some of the harshest yet beautiful terrain that the coast has to offer. This event is designed to push teams to their full potential whilst keeping the Spirit of Kokoda alive. Teams will walk 30 kilometres in honour of the Kokoda Diggers who fought for our freedoms along the Kokoda Track in 1942.

You will help change the lives of young Australians, with all funds raised through the event going directly towards the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s life changing programs. 





WHY 30kms?

Like most decisions made by our events team, we did it for you! The events team at the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s head office have decided to take the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge up a notch based off of the feedback and data accumulated over previous years.

After the Kokoda Legacy event, we realised that you guys defiitely prefer a 30km course over a shorter 15km or 18km. Which is why we went out and mapped out a whole new course for you all to challenge yourselves, as that's what it's all about! 



The Kokoda Challenge events are designed to push competitors to their physical and mental limits, allowing them to achieve things they never thought were possible. In saying this, the event is no walk in the park (pun intended). The elevation is steep, and the track will be a challenge for most. The events themselves are deigned to keep the spirit of Kokoda alive with competitors encouraged to stand by the four pillars of the Kokoda Spirit, courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice.

This is also a team-based event meaning you have to stay with your team at all times. Alike all Kokoda Challenge events, there is also a minimum fundraising requirement for teams. All funds raised go towards the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s life changing youth programs. With the right training, preparation, team and mindset we believe that anyone can take on the challenge and push themselves to achieve the something that may have thought was unachievable.  



The new 30km Gold Coast event will be replacing the previous 18km distance. We understand that there will be quite a few of you out there that were eager to take on the 18km event in 2023. But there is no need to fear! The 18km course is still available at the Brisbane and at the Sunshine Coast Kokoda Challenge events. Or maybe you can push yourself to achieve the 30km on the Gold Coast... the world is your oyster! 



Need some more information before choosing to take on the 30km event? We have you covered! Please read the competitor handbook below for the ins and outs of the event. If you have a more specific question regarding the event, please contact our team on 07 5539 4141 or