20 Jan 2020

The Kokoda Challenge is a tough event and a key ingredient to success is preparation and training.  While training for the Kokoda Challenge you and your team are solely responsible for your safety and need to take adequate steps to enjoy a safe training experience. It is imperative that you prioritise your safety and the safety of those you train with. You need to ensure you are prepared for all kinds of conditions; and should always check the local conditions and weather warnings prior to heading out on any trail.


Before entering out into the Hinterland it is wise to consider some of the following:


WEATHER • Consult the Bureau of Meteorology website for weather conditions, forecasts and warnings - WWW.BOM.GOV.AU  or the Early Warning Register WWW.EWN.COM.AU 


NATIONAL PARK WARNINGS • If training in areas administered by National Parks check their website for latest conditions, warnings or track closures:

or the website of your relevant state agency.


RURAL FIRE WARNING • With the recent fires in our beautiful country, it is imperative you seek up to date advice from local

or the website of your relevant state agency.


IN AN EMERGENCY • If an emergency arises call 000 or 112 from your mobile.


NEVER WALK ALONE • Get your team together or take friends with you. Stay together and do not leave the nominated track.


TELL YOUR FRIENDS • Inform a responsible person outside of your training group with your trip intention and expected return time. Remember to check in with them on your return as this person is responsible for alerting authorities if you are overdue. There are also some wonderful phone Apps that will allow others to track your location – just be aware of battery use as they can drain your phone.


NAVIGATION • Always carry your training route maps and directions as well as a compass.


HYDRATION & NUTRITION • Ensure you have packed adequate, water, food, clothing, first aid and equipment suitable for your chosen session.


TIP • Always pack a head torch and first aid with you in case you get caught out after dark due to injury or delays.


Please ensure that you take every precaution when training. Check with your local parks and authorities before heading onto trails, and remember Kokodians … plan, be safe and have fun!!