Brisbane, are you ready?

24 May 2019

We are one week out, and there is so much going on, so let's tie up some loose ends! 


If you have not reached your fundraising target, you are ineligible to compete in the Challenge.

Encourage work mates, neighbours and your wider community to support your team's effort. Share your fundraising page for one last boost to get you over the line!

Withdrawing from the Challenge

If you need to retire from the event, you will need to do so at a Checkpoint. Please either text the number on the back of the bib or advise a Checkpoint Captain. A vehicle will collect you from your location and take you to Checkpoint 2/3 at Bellbird Grove to your support crew/family/friends. Please note: No vehicles (other than Kokoda vehicles) can access Checkpoints 1/6, 4 and 5. 

Download the Emergency App

If you require emergency assistance whilst competing in the Challenge and you are in between Checkpoints, this emergency app will ping your coordinates to emergency services. It's a free download, available for Apple and Android devices and something handy to have, even outside of the Challenge! Click here for more information. 

Support Crews

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the site map and parking map. There is only one Support Crew stop for Brisbane, Checkpoint 2/3 and please be reminded that there is only one car permitted at the Checkpoint, per team. Please make sure you attend the compulsory Support Crew briefing at the stage at 7.15am. Read the Brisbane specific Support Crew handbook, here


Your bibs will be a part of your event pack. Please ensure you always wear your bib on the front of your top and it is visible at all times. Participants must pass through the timing antennas at each Checkpoint - the bibs help us see when you cross through these Checkpoints. 

Equipment list

Make sure you go through your equipment list one more time before the event. For those competing in the 30km and 48km distances, please ensure you pack a torch or headlamp in the event that you are walking through the night.

Soak in the moment

Don't forget to enjoy yourself. This is your last week to train, prepare and focus on what this Challenge means to you. Enjoy the opportunity, take photos, talk about and share your experiences - have fun!