Koda Nutrition + Kokoda Challenge

31 May 2021

Introducing our 2021 Kokoda Challenge Partner - KODA Nutrition

Every year we push ourselves to provide our Kokoda Challenge competitiors with bigger and better events as well as an even better training and fundraising experience.

That's why it was a no-brainer that we partner with KODA Nutrition who pride themselves on supplying healthy nutrition solutions for events just like ours. Their energy bars and gels are especially designed to pack a bunch of energy into small, easy to digest bars and gels so you don't have to lug around spaghetti carbonaras in your backpack!

KODA Nutrition products were created for athletes, specifically endurance athletes. They are designed to be consumed during activity and exercise – and for events just like the Kokoda Challenge. The KODA Nutrition range includes Energy Gels, Energy Bars and 100% Whey Protein Isolate.  

Regardless of how fast you are going during the Kokoda Challenge you require energy to help you get to the finish, therefore you will need to consume food along the way. The better you manage your energy intake during the Kokoda Challenge the more enjoyable it will be.





Why take a KODA Energy Gel on the Kokoda Challenge? 

A gel is food in a liquid gel form. The biggest benefit of a gel is that it is small and easy to carry yet contains a large amount of energy. A gel is also very easy to digest. 


Why take a KODA Energy Bar on the Kokoda Challenge? 

KODA Energy Bars are made from natural ingredients and are also very high in energy. The bars are easy to carry and easy to consume during activity. A great benefit of the bar is that it’s cut in two pieces. You can eat half the bar and save the other half for later. 


Top tips for your nutrition during The Kokoda Challenge:

  1. You need to be consuming food consistently throughout the challenge to keep pace with your energy needs. You will enjoy the challenge even more if you are consistent with your energy intake and are not depleting yourself too much. 
  2. Everyone is different so the amount you eat each hour will depend on how fast you are going. However, for this type of challenge you would be wanting to take either a gel every hour or so or half a bar every hour. You can make changes accordingly if you feel you need to. 
  3. You may not feel hungry in the first few hours, however, it’s a long day ahead so start your fuelling early to ensure a consistent supply of energy. 
  4. Real food and meals are okay to have too especially if you are not racing at a high intensity, but please be mindful of how much energy some foods take to digest – this is where gels come out on top because they require a very small amount of energy to digest.
  5. Hydration is also important. Make sure you turn up to the Challenge event well hydrated. Drink throughout the challenge on water and electrolytes. When it’s colder you will need to drink less and when it’s warmer you will need to drink more. Start sipping on your drink early on to help avoid dehydration later on in the event. 


After the challenge: post-race recovery protein powder 


  1. To kick start your recovery take KODA 100% Whey Protein Isolate within half an hour of your race. Not only will your muscles and body love the protein straight away, you will feel much better the next day. 




We hope these tips help you better plan your nutrition and hydration for the Kokoda Challenge. Good luck and have fun! 


If there is anything we can help you with please head to www.kodanutrition.com or send us an email to info@kodanutrition.com 

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