Kokoda Community Challenge

15 Jul 2020

As you all know, Saturday the 18th of July would have marked the 16th consecutive year of the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge! At 7:00 am, we would have kicked off our annual event where hundreds of teams and schools race to complete the 96km challenge in under 39 hours or the half 48km challenge in under 34 hours.

Sadly, like a vast majority of events, we were forced to cancel as a result of COVID-19, but we are determined to make this day as enjoyable as it has been every year in the past.

So, in true Kokoda Spirit, we have launched a community initiative to encourage our participants, friends, families, volunteers and anyone else who would like to get involved to join in on the fun and partake in your very own Kokoda Challenge on Saturday the 18th of July! Here’s how to get involved;

 1. Look the part

We would love to see everyone gearing up in all of your favourite Kokoda merchandise; whether it be a previous Kokoda Challenge event t-shirt or dog tags or even any of the merchandise you’ve purchased from our shop! Dress up in any of your Kokoda branded gear so everyone will know you’re joining us on the Kokoda Community Challenge this Saturday

2. Choose a trail

While we would absolutely LOVE for everyone to come together on the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge track, there are COVID restrictions still in place and we can’t encourage such a gathering to take place, otherwise we would be running our event! Instead, we’re asking competitors to choose a track they’ve always wanted to try or maybe revisit a trail that you haven’t done in a while – get creative! Choose whatever length, elevation, duration you like – it can have waterfalls, scrambles, rock climbing or whatever you want!

3. Get walking and get social!

Get your group together and head out on the trails, making sure you take lots of photos and videos of your adventure along the way. Post your photos on social media using the hashtag #KokodaCommunityChallenge so we can all tune in on each other’s walk while still remaining a part. We have no doubt that our Victorian Kokoda Community would love to watch your adventures while they’re in isolation so don’t forget to share with everyone!


Rather than make this a day of mourning the loss of our beloved Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge event, we want our community to get out and active in TRUE Kokoda Spirit!


This isn’t about raising funds and donations are not required (although our little charity is always very much grateful to receive them!) it’s about paying homage to the event that we all love so dearly.


Anyone who has been fortunate enough to participate in a Kokoda Challenge event will tell you that the atmosphere is utterly electric! That participating is incredibly addictive because of the level of adrenaline it takes to endure the entirety of the challenge and the agony and ecstasy you experience along the way!


There’s no greater feeling than crossing that finish line and it truly is a feeling that you will remember forever. So while we are all undoubtedly disappointed that the Kokoda Challenge will not be going ahead this Saturday, we are still determined to do something to signify this incredibly important day.


Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram to let us know where you plan on hiking to and tag us in all your photos on the day so we can reshare it with our community! We can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces getting out in the sunshine and enjoying the many trails that the beautiful Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounds has to offer!

Who's joining us!?


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