Introducing Your New Gold Coast Checkpoints 5/7 & 6!

14 Jun 2021



Changes to Checkpoint 5/7 and 6!


Given the 2021 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is a sell-out event (which we are absolutely stoked about!) we have had to make some changes to the checkpoints along the 96km and 48km course to be able to accommodate the amount of people participating and still make sure we’re being COVID safe!


Traditionally, the 96km competitors would walk from Polly’s Café up one of the big five hills and make it all the way over to the Numinbah Valley Environmental Centre which used to be known as checkpoint 5 and 7. However, this year the Gold Coast 96km competitors will continue 650m up the road to the corner of Pine Creek Rd and Nerang Murwillumbah Road where you will see your new and improved checkpoint. There will still be all the same amenities that were at the other checkpoints, which includes a place to fill up your water, toilet facilites and medics for emergency situations.


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 Click on the above image to view an interactive version of this map!


From checkpoint 5 you would previously have then walked to the Numinbah Hall where the 48km competitors would start their journey. This is now being moved just 1km up the road to the Raw Challenge! This venue has far more space for competitors, support crew and spectators to enjoy what will hopefully be a beautiful sunny day!

 Click on the above image to view an interactive version of this map!


From checkpoint 6 at Raw Challenge, the 48km and 96km competitors will hike their way to checkpoint 7 which is again on the corner of Pine Creek Rd and Nerang Murwillumbah Road. From this point forward, the course will be exactly the same as how it has been in previous years and there are no changes to the 17km course at all.

Please ensure that you log into your dashboard and download the new version of your handbook as it contains your new map (you can also find this map below) as well as the new elevation profile and more information and resources. If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to email us at!



 Reminder: Everything Must be in by June 25!


Please also note that the deadline to have all your detais in is fast approaching! This includes;

  • Completing your online profile with all of your details including your emergency contact details
  • Your team fundriaisng minimum complete
  • If you are in a 48km or 96km team, you must register your support crew here so that they will have access to the support crew car parks
  • Complete your waiver forms by logging into your dashboard
  • Finalise all team changes as you will not be able to make any changes to your team after this date


Also a reminder that the Army Land Training Day will be on Sunday the 20th of June with only a few spots left! So if you haven't registered already then make sure you do so now!


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