Media Release: OTRT Kids Tackle a Week of Adventure

22 Jul 2021


Gold Coast kids tackle week of life-changing adventure


Kids from the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s ‘On The Right Track Program’ are enjoy a day at Movie World, generously donated by Village Roadshow, after having completed the 48km Kokoda Challenge on the weekend.

 A group of 12 students from Beaudesert State High School are enjoying a well-earned day of fun at Gold Coast’s Movie World today after completing 16 hours and 51 minutes of walking through the Gold Coast Hinterland on the weekend for the Kokoda Challenge.

These kids are a part of the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s six-month youth program ‘On The Right Track’ (OTRT) which helps disengaged students learn a combination of life skills. The program includes physical challenges such as completing the Kokoda Challenge event as well as weekly bushwalking training sessions that aims to increase their understanding of mateship and teamwork whilst improving personal qualities that assist when facing difficult challenges in life like self-belief, purpose and discipline.

Another key element of the program is for students to learn the importance of giving back to the community. As these programs receive no government funding whatsoever and are entirely funded by sponsorships and the donations raised by participants who tackle the Kokoda Challenge, the OTRT kids are required to give back to their local community by participating in community projects one day a week for the next 9 weeks.




The history of the Kokoda Campaign is also interwoven throughout the program and these boys learn about the bravery our Kokoda Diggers displayed in Papua New Guinea, as well as how to incorporate the Spirit of Kokoda into adversities they face in their own lives.

Village Roadshow have not only donated the Movie World passes for the kids in this program to enjoy their day out, but also annual passes to all the winners of the different categories from the 2021 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge event.

“We’re delighted to have supporters such as Village Roadshow to support not only the kids in our program but also all of our Kokoda Challenge competitors who have just completed Australia’s toughest team endurance event” says Chief Executive Office, Johllene Elson.

“We’d like to thank Village Roadshow for their generosity, and we look forward to working with them again in future as they too are such a big part of the Gold Coast community.”

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Marketing Manager at the Kokoda Youth Foundation

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