Schedule a support crew meeting

13 Sep 2019

New to the world of Support Crew? Don’t stress, we are here to help! 

As you get closer to our Challenge events, it becomes timely to start discussing what support you need and from who? 

If you are participating in a 48km or the 96km event you will have a Support Crew. Support Crews have designated areas on the course where they are permitted to access teams to provide food, a change of clothes, shoes, moral support and even a hug. 

Hot tip: never say no to a support crew. Even our running teams who place as the top five finishers utilise their support crew checkpoints.

Once you have decided who the lucky people in your Support Crew are, it is important to all get on the same page. 

See sample Support Crew Agenda below, you will also need a copy of the Support Crew Handbook