Starting and finishing as a team

07 Jun 2019

Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice - all values that underpin the Spirit of Kokoda. 

When participating in any of our Challenge events, we encourage all of our teams to reflect on the Spirit of Kokoda and what it means to you. 

One of the most important elements behind the events is knowing and understanding the essence of being within a team. 

These are team events which encourage mateship. 

This means you start as a team, you finish as a team. 

This means waiting for the person struggling to get up the hill, not steaming ahead when there is a Checkpoint approaching, walking back or ahead to a Checkpoint all together if a team member needs to withdraw. 

This means reflecting about the importance of walking together, helping each other when you stumble across difficult terrain, rock hopping across creeks, being the shoulders to bear weight on strained muscles. 

We want you to get to know your team, and know you cannot get through our Challenges without them. 

Experience your greatest successes and your greatest failures together, help each other, work with each other and know each other. 

It will strengthen you at your moments of weakness, it will provide endless hours of smiles, laughter and provide the unity, determination and will to finish. 

Together, you are stronger. Together you are a team. Together you will finish.