What to do in sticky situations

12 Jul 2019

If you find yourself in a sticky situation during the Kokoda Challenge, we want to ensure that you are equipped with the right information to keep you safe. 

Withdrawing from the competition

This does happen, injuries occur, you feel like you can't keep going and there is no other option than to go home. So what do you do? 

If you are not at a Checkpoint and you need to withdraw (extreme injuries or emergency situations only), call the number on the back of your bib. Our Control Centre will then talk you through what needs to happen. If you can make it to a Checkpoint, you MUST communicate with the Checkpoint Captain that you want to withdraw, they will then contact our Control Centre to advise that you are withdrawing. At this point, if you are not at a Support Crew Checkpoint, an event vehicle will pick you up to take you to a Support Crew Checkpoint. Please make sure you communicate this with your Support Crew. 

It is against the rules for your Support Crew or any other person to pick you up from any other place other than the Support Crew Checkpoint or Finish Line.

Teams will be disqualified if they receive assistance from their Support Crew at any other time or location during the event. Exceptions will only be allowed with prior approval from the Event Director and only for extraction or medical emergency.

Please also note that Checkpoint 1 is not an official Checkpoint this year. It will not be manned and therefore you cannot withdraw from this point. If you wish to withdraw early from the event, do so at Checkpoint 2 onwards. 

Listen to the volunteers

On event day, you will see our volunteers in red shirts. They have been appropriately briefed to deal with different types of situations, and as such know how to keep you safe. Please listen to their requests and instructions on event day. They have your best interest at heart, they want to see you have fun and they want to make sure you are safe in doing so. 

Never walk alone

One of the Kokoda Values is Mateship. As a rule of thumb, you should never be more than one bus length away from your team mates. You start as a team, you go through the Checkpoints as a team, you finish as a team. Do not leave anyone behind, this will also assist in ensuring no one gets lost by themselves. 

Emergency situations

Please ensure you download the Emergency Plus app - we cannot stress this enough! It is able to give your exact location should you need to be retrieved.

In an emergency situation contact the number on the back of your bib and inform the Control Centre of your situation. Depending on the situation make your way to the nearest checkpoint, which will have first aid and communication available. 

Otherwise for extreme emergencies ring 000 and when asked your name also state “we are participating in The Kokoda Challenge”. Alternatively you can ring 112 and treat it the same as a 000 call. Follow instructions from Emergency Services and/or race officials. Administer first aid treatment if required and continue until assistance arrives.

If you become LOST: stop, gather the team and attempt to establish your position from the last known location. Track marking tapes are located approximately 100 m apart. Once you are sure you've found the correct path, continue. You should also be able to do this by opening the interactive map. Do not make the situation worse by continuing to travel if you are still unsure of your position. If required, call the number on the back of your bib and speak with race officials.

In the event of a bush fire phone the event emergency number if you are between checkpoints and believe you are in danger, to advise or gather information. Follow event officials' instructions and remain at a Checkpoint if advised to do so by officials. 

Checkpoint closing times

Checkpoints will be closing at specific times unless extenuating circumstances occur. In such circumstances the Checkpoint Captain will contact the Event Director who will then make the call. If you have not made it through the Checkpoint prior to close, you will be eliminated from The Challenge, unless . Please click here to download the Checkpoint times to plan your time wisely. 

Remember the values

Courage. Endurance. Mateship. Sacrifice

These will help you in moments of pain, stress and intolerance. Those that have walked before you, did it harder and in much tougher conditions. The pain from withdrawing is much harder than the pain of sticking with it. If you keep this in mind, you will get to the finish line - especially when you realise that lying in bed in pain hurts just as much as walking in pain.