Support Crew tips and tricks

23 May 2019

As much as you train as a team (or individually), you also need to check in with your support crew – planning for the big day is essential! 

Think food, changes of clothes, medical attention and more; these are the areas of interest you should be discussing with your support crew. 

Let’s be honest, Support Crews play such an important role they are your motivators, your cheer squad, your carers, and the ones that provide all of the tlc when you need it the most! 

Heading into our Brisbane 48km event, we thought it would help to compile a few tips and tricks to give all support crews a little bit of help and insight. 

  • Know your team – this will help you put surprises in their boxes** to provide a little pick me up!
  • When feeding your team, simple food is best. Think soups, bread rolls etc. Nothing spicy or has the ability to upset a bowel or stomach.
  • When arriving at the Checkpoints, know where the toilets are and any other areas of interest to assist you and your team when they arrive. 
  • Be aware of time – don’t let your teams rest for too long otherwise they will not get up!
  • Prepare hot towels or face washers to warm and refresh your team when they get to your setup.
  • Stand out from the crowd - have something identifiable from your set up that they can find you with - remember there will be a number of other support crews on site too.
  • Think about packing chairs, tables, marquees and wind shelters to keep you and your teams comfortable, don’t forget in your planning only one car per team is available at the Support Crew Checkpoints.
  • Make sure to get rest too, fatigue is a thing and we want you to be alert especially when on the road. 
  • Attend the compulsory Support Crew briefing at the start line after you team has departed.
  • Be at the finish line to cheer your team at the very end! 
  • And finally, use the Support Crew Handbook as your bible – you can find it here

So before you head into your event – schedule a catch up and go over what you need from your support crew and discuss the things with them that will make your experience when you see them. 

**Don’t forget, to make life a little easier for you and your support crews, each team member is encouraged to pack a box with spare clothes, socks, medical items like anti-chaffing cream, bandaids and strapping tape, personal and sanitary items and anything else you think you may need on the day – oh! and put your name on the front and top.