Team Building Activities Sunshine Coast: Are You Ready to Face The Kokoda Challenge?

05 Feb 2024
hikers undertaking the kokoda challenge, an epic team building activity on the sunshine coast

The Kokoda Challenge is more than just a team building activity on the Sunshine Coast; it's a deep dive into our history. You and your team will push yourselves to the limit, echoing the resilience of our Diggers through epic climbs and true perseverance. The Kokoda Challenge tests your physical and mental strength while honouring the brave souls who fought for our freedom.

Choose The Kokoda Challenge for a team building activity that truly challenges you. Explore the events available on the Sunshine Coast.

What Is The Kokoda Challenge?

A short journey from the heart of the Sunshine Coast, The Kokoda Challenge begins on Gubbi Gubbi Country in Imbil State Forest. Teams gear up for a demanding journey of 18, 30, or 48 km. Doug Henderson from the Kokoda Youth Foundation sets the stage by detailing some of the gruelling history of the 1942 Kokoda Campaign. Then, you're off, overcoming the challenging trails and steep ascents of the Imbil State Forest’s rugged terrains. Completing the Kokoda Challenge is more than a team building activity on the Sunshine Coast; it's about living a legacy and embracing the spirit of mateship.

A Team Building Activity on the Sunshine Coast That Will Push You to Your Limits

The Kokoda Challenge on the Sunshine Coast is not your average team building activity. Inspired by the fortitude of our Diggers, it's a journey through strenuous challenges that bind teams together. Tough and rewarding, it's perfect for groups ready to elevate their teamwork to new heights. Experience the agony and the ecstasy of what true mateship can bring. 

Experience the Challenge: Gritty Team Building on the Sunshine Coast

The Kokoda Challenge combines history with hard work. Teams will tackle tough paths and experience the true meaning of teamwork. This is more than an outing; it’s about showing your mettle and working as a unified team, pushing harder than you could have ever done alone. 

Ready for The Kokoda Challenge on the Sunshine Coast?

Gather your team, brace for the challenge, and step into a piece of history. Are you prepared for the Sunshine Coast's Kokoda Challenge? Sign up now and test your limits.

Four women at the Sunshine Coast 18km Kokoda Challenge finish line



Happy boy and girl walking the Sunshine Coast 30km Kokoda Challenge



Two men wearing hats hiking the 48km Sunshine Coast Kokoda Challenge




How is The Kokoda Challenge different from other team building activities on the Sunshine Coast?

  • It's not just another team event. It’s an arduous journey that creates strong bonds through shared struggles. You won’t be talking about meetings and other work related topics when you’re struggling up mountains together. You’ll be walking together, side by side, in hardship and persevering with the encouragement of one another. You will get to know each other on a much more personal level, sharing intimate conversations while out in nature. 

Is the 96km challenge available on the Sunshine Coast?

  • The 96 km challenge is only available on the Gold Coast. This gruelling Ultra Marathon is a true testament to endurance. Find out more here. Are you brave enough?

Why pick The Kokoda Challenge for your corporate team building activity?

  • It's demanding, instilling resilience, respect, and teamwork – key for any successful business. For outstanding team growth, choose an outstanding challenge. It’s also a way for your team to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices that our Veterans made for our country and an opportunity to pay your respects. Not only that, you will be giving back to a local charity that exists to change the lives of local youth. 

Can anyone join The Kokoda Challenge on the Sunshine Coast?

  • It's tough; a basic fitness level is needed. But with our training plan, anyone can cross the finish line. It's about team effort and facing the challenges together. Start training and get ready for an unforgettable experience.