13 Sep 2019

Teams are critical to the success of your Kokoda story. 

Whether we look at the teams of volunteers that work tirelessly in the lead up and during the event, your support crew, our operational team and your Kokoda Challenge team - every aspect of Kokoda Challenge is just not possible without a team. 

Take a moment to think about your Kokoda Challenge team. 

What makes your team work, and what doesn't? How can you strengthen your team? How can you start and finish Kokoda Challenge as a team? 

Our Veterans worked hard as a team, think about their struggles, challenges and how they overcame them together. 

Walking into the unknown, reflect on how teamwork got them through some of the toughest terrain and circumstances. 

Being a part of a team is something pretty special. 

It pushes you to communicate, to think of others and to work together. It pushes you to not put yourself first, but to think as a collective unit.  

Understand your group dynamic and use it to grow, overcome and achieve.

As a team you will succeed!