The Ultimate Fitness Challenge on the Gold Coast!

13 Jun 2024
Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge
The Kokoda Challenge is the ultimate fitness challenge on the Gold Coast for those eager to exceed their limits through endurance and teamwork. This event not only challenges participants physically and mentally but also celebrates the unyielding spirit of mateship and perseverance of our diggers during the Kokoda Campaign of 1942.
There are three distances: 30km, 48km and 96km - and believe us when we say none of them are easy! As you embark on this journey with your team of 3-4 (or 5 if you’re a school team), prepare to unlock the full potential of teamwork and human resilience. Get ready to push beyond your limits and discover what you can achieve with this fitness challenge on the Gold Coast.

The Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast Courses

30km Course

A good starting point for newcomers to endurance challenges or those gearing up for longer distances, the 30km course winds through the breathtaking Gold Coast hinterland. This route offers a balanced mix of trails and moderate elevation changes. While it's the shortest course we offer on the Gold Coast, it will still test your mettle and push your team to their limits. The average finish time is 7 hours and 57 minutes - see if your team can do better!

48km Course

The most popular choice, the 48km Kokoda Challenge starts at the Raw Challenge park in Numinbah Valley and finishes at the Nerang Velodrome, climbing a total of 2,183 metres. This course is a genuine test of endurance, showcasing the stunning yet rigorous landscapes of the Gold Coast hinterland. In 2023, the fastest trail running team blazed through this course in 6 hours and 31 minutes, though the average finish time was around 12 hours and 42 minutes.

96km Course

For those who are after the ultimate fitness challenge on the Gold Coast (and maybe enjoy pain) our 96km course is one of the toughest team endurance events in Australia. With over 4,000 metres of cumulative elevation gain across the Gold Coast hinterland, this gruelling distance is not for the faint-hearted. Completing this course is a huge achievement. The average finish time is 27 hours and 35 minutes - this will truly push you past your limits! 
Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge
Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

An Unforgettable Fitness Challenge

No matter which distance you choose, the Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast offers an unforgettable adventure that blends the natural beauty of the area with the solidarity and determination of the participating teams. Whether you are a seasoned endurance athlete or new to fitness challenges, there is something here for everyone.

To maximise your success, it’s crucial to develop a training plan focusing on endurance, strength, and stamina. Mental and emotional preparation are just as important, as the challenge will test both your physical and psychological limits. Engage in team-building, hone your communication skills, and foster a positive mindset.

Register for the Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast today and take on a fitness challenge that not only pushes your physical endurance but also deepens the bonds of mateship between you and your team.