The Virtual Finish Line is in Sight!

25 May 2020
Four ladies rest on a log in the Australian bush while completing the Kokoda Virtual Challenge

We’re nearing towards the end of the Kokoda Virtual Challenge and while there have been many of our competitors who have already completed the full 96 kilometres (including competitor Sam Barham who finished in just under 24 hours, doing the entire challenge in one leg!), we noticed that there are many competitors who still have quite a long way to go!


There is still time to complete the challenge and while the task ahead may seem a little daunting, we assure you that it is very much possible. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, then take a look at the photos of Rhiannon and her three friends who are regular trail runners and completed the first half of the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge track last weekend! They even had a support crew consisting of Rhiannon’s 9-year-old daughter who met her along the way, passing her Mum encouraging notes to keep them all motivated. At the end, they even had a finish line ribbon, champagne shower and mini trophies to gift all the girls upon their completion!


If that's not motivation enough then check out Shane Stedwell who is on our Board of Directors who is completing the Kokoda Virtual Challenge in its entirety this weekend in one go!


Shane was a Kokoda Kid back in 2005 and has participated in EIGHT 96km Kokoda Challenges! He has been to PNG 5 times and 4 of those trips he went as a leader of our Kokoda Challenge Youth Programs. Shane is determined to raise $2,000 for the Kokoda Youth Foundation that has given so much to him; “without this amazing foundation I would not be the person I am today. It has instilled life changing values in me and I have learnt that hard work and determination are the keys to a full and happy life.” 


Shane Stedwell and Doug Henderson pose for a photo during the 30km Brisbane Kokoda Challenge Event

Shane Stedwell (Director) and Doug Henderson (Founder) pose for a photo during the 30km Brisbane Challenge.


Border Track, Lamington National Park

While the Binna Burra section of the World Heritage listed Lamington National Park remains closed as a result of the devastating bushfires that raged through the Gold Coast hinterland late last year, the Green Mountains section is still open!


The Border Track is 21.4 kilometres one way, however, it is closed past the Wanungara lookout. It is still possible however to complete the first section of the Border Track and link it to the Albert River Circuit or Toolona Creek Circuit which passes several waterfalls along the way. Check out the map here to work out which trail to take and make sure you check park updates before heading out to stay informed of any changes and track closures. 


Gold Coast

Warrie Circuit, Springbrook

Springbrook National Park has been closed for some time now despite a majority of Queensland’s National Parks opening again. Springbrook is now officially open again and you can enjoy some stunning lookouts and waterfalls along the Warrie Circuit track which will add 17kms (approximately 5.5 hours return) to your Kokoda Virtual Challenge adventure! At this point, it looks like the sun is due to come out this weekend in the Gold Coast, a perfect way to wrap up your Kokoda Virtual Challenge! 



Mount Feathertop Razorback Trail

Located in Alpine National Park in Victoria’s high country, Mount Feathertop is the second highest mountain in Victoria standing at 1,922 metres (the highest is Mount Bogong also located in Alpine National Park). The Razorback Walking Track follows a ridge which links Mount Hotham and Mount Feathertop. This in-and-out trail provides magnificent views along the way as it is mostly high above the treetops where you can get some great photos of the surrounding mountain range. This walk should get you an extra 22 kilomatres under your belt and you should allow approximately 7 hours to complete it.


If you have any other suggestions for last minute places for our Kokoda Virtual Challenge competitors to get to in order to finish their final leg of the challenge then head to our Facebook page and let our community know!


We’d also love to see photos of all of your adventures so don’t forget to tag us in everything you upload on social media and use the hashtag #KokodaVirtualChallenge! Thanks to everyone who participated and we can’t wait to see you all in the flesh again for the 2021 event!


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