What not to do - two weeks out!

05 Jul 2019

We are two weeks out from The Kokoda Challenge, nerves are stirring, thoughts are popping up, and this is about the time you start remembering the things you haven't yet done. 

Things like getting a new pair of shoes because you have holes in one pair, trying a new gel a team mate has reminded you about during every training session, scheduling in the night walk you were meant to do three months ago, and so much more. 

So here are a few things not to do before 20 July: 

Try anything new

One of the most consistent pieces of advice that you will hear from repeat competitors or those that have completed similar events is - don't try anything new, especially now. 

By now, you would have been training regularly and pretty conditioned to how you do things when you are on the track. 

And if you haven't, easy - stick with what you know!

Ramp up your training

Play it safe now, your biggest challenge is to get to the start line. 

The best way to do this is to avoid the things that will stop you from getting there like injuries and illnesses. So the most obvious thing to do is go easy. Don't over stretch yourself to do more kilometers now just two weeks out, than you have managed to achieve just yet. We are not saying to stop training, just don't over do it. 

Stop Communicating

All good relationships are built on trust, understanding and communication - without communication cracks will form.

By this stage you should really know your team, especially if you have been hitting the tracks to train. Know when to communicate, don't be afraid to talk about how you're feeling, communication will bring out the best and worst in people. Be prepared to know how to respond to your team mates, your support and mateship is what will get you all to the finish line. 

Get too excited

Yes, you have made it to two weeks out, but don't get too excited yet! Mark out what your mini achievements are and celebrate them as you come across them, take The Challenge as it comes..one step at a time! 


Plan A and Plan B, what to do if it rains, what to do if you get blisters, what to do if you drop a km an hour..you know the drill. The reality is, when you hit the track on the day, you don't know what you are up against until you are walking it. The trick is to have a rough plan but know to be flexible. Being static will not do anyone any favours! 

Shut out your demons

Know what your demons are, and know how to deal with them..you will meet them out there. The Kokoda Challenge is a mental game, so much more than a physical one. Be prepared to face your demons and remember to communicate how you're feeling so your team can help you through it. 

Stop fundraising

Fundraising is still open until one month after the event, so you can continue to make a difference to local teens! 

After looking at all the things not to do, the biggest thing TO DO is to ENJOY it! Have fun, inspire your team mates, sing all of the songs and walk with purpose! 

Cannot wait to see you on the track!