Why do we fundraise?

29 Aug 2019

By participating in the Kokoda Challenge, you are actively fundraising for local kids to enhance their lives. 

One branch (12 kids and 4 leaders) for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program needs approximately $100 000 to function, this includes:

  • Return Flights to PNG and 10 day trekking experience
  • Two day Outdoor Education Camp with program and activities
  • Equipment (Backpack, walking poles, sleeping bags/liners, mosquito nets)
  • Uniform (hiking pants, polos shirts and hat)
  • Transport to weekly hike locations
  • Entry into Kokoda Challenge Events
  • Insurance 

These kids come from all walks of life - with the aim to provide each branch a well balanced view on modern society. This mix of backgrounds provides perspective, grounding and further assists in the growth and development of the kids through the program. 

Through the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program, we aim to educate, inspire, and challenge beliefs.

It involves: 

  • 20 weeks of Sunday bushwalks, mid-week training sessions, two-day overnight camp and participation in the 96km Kokoda Challenge.
  • Regular activities which encourage team work, cooperation and leadership skills, going beyond comfort zones with likeminded people to make lifelong friends.
  • A funded trip to Papua New Guinea to trek the Kokoda Track or visit Local Villages, immersing themselves within education on the Kokoda campaign and honouring our Australian veterans.
  • 10 months of community service to learn the value of giving back, the true meaning of sacrifice and a chance to give back to those who make this program possible.
  • Discovering a sense of purpose, forming life skills of responsibility and reliability, developing confidence and learning that they are capable of extraordinary things in the face of difficulty.

In fifteen years, we have seen 557 Kokoda Kids graduate our program. That has been 557 lives of local teenagers changed for the better. 

We have seen underprivileged kids strive for greatness, and privileged kids gain perspective, respect and understanding about the world they actively contribute to. 

Without your help and support, none of this would be achievable. With each event there comes the hope we can raise more to open new branches - this is our goal. The more local communities we can reach, the more we can all make a difference. 

For investment in the children of today, makes a better tomorrow.