Camp Kokoda Needs Your Help!

09 Sep 2020

Since its humble beginnings back in 2004, the Kokoda Youth Foundation has relied on the generosity of the Kokoda community for support. Largely, this has involved an army of volunteers to help run our Kokoda Challenge events, but since COVID came along and ceased all of our events for 2020, we are experiencing significant financial loss and now need to lean on our generous community now more than ever before.

That’s where you come in…

Many people don’t know that as well as running the Kokoda Challenge events, the Kokoda Youth Foundation also owns and operates Camp Kokoda out in Maroon, QLD which is currently our only source of income until our events are up and running again next year. This means that until next year, the future of our youth programs, which helps hundreds of local Aussie kids, is uncertain.

Camp Kokoda differs from all other school camps for purposefully being a little rough and ready, it’s a true blue camping experience and is far from anything glamorous. We do however, aim to provide our dedicated instructors with comfortable living quarters as some travel as far as Sunshine Coast and the Byron Hinterland all the way out west where they will stay at Camp Kokoda for the entirety of the kids school camps.

This is what the mezzanine currently looks like, we are hoping to use this space and convert it into staff living quarters

Staff sleeping quarters are currently lacking and we desperately need to convert our shed mezzanine to provide private rooms for those instructors needing to stay onsite long-term due to border crossing restrictions. 

These renovations will enable Camp Kokoda to operate at full capacity for the remainder of the year and help substitute the financial loss we suffered from the cancellation of our events. For many businesses, the pressures of COVID-19 have meant you either sink or swim and we are determined not to sink, but we do need help swimming.

So, what do we need exactly?

  • Gyprock (enough for two small rooms of 2900 x 1700, plus ceilings)
  • Windows (2 of 1200 x 600)
  • Timber studs
  • Insulation
  • 2 x air conditioners (2.5hp)
  • Labour to install the above living arrangements



Gyprock plaster wall with sunlight shining in
Man measuring a timber stud with a measuring tape
White window frame with palm frond shading the outside sunshine
Pink insulation on the inside of an interior wall
White air conditioner sitting on white tiled floor with a white wall in the background
A labourer kneelin gon the floor inside a house being built weather a tool belt and hard hat

Whether it be unused materials lying around on a job site or second-hand materials you may have, any donation of any sorts or assistance is greatly appreciated in helping us with this project.

Alternatively – we could also use the donation of a second-hand caravan to create private living quarters. 

As always, we like to give back to our volunteers in any way that we can to show our enormous appreciation. Here’s what we can offer in return for substantial donations:

  • Exposure for your business on all Camp Kokoda and Kokoda Challenge website and social media platforms including our Facebook page with a following of over 24k
  • The option to develop an ongoing partnership and to be a part of our Kokoda Challenge events in 2021. This involves your branded signs, banners, flags etc. at the start and finish line which attracts enormous local media exposure.
  • We would love to also create a full campaign and production of how you have helped our foundation and have our in-house photographer/videographer create a promotional video for you to use on your own platforms to announce to your own following how you have helped support KYF, which would also be published out to our community to help you gain more exposure from locals.

If you would like to express your interest in helping us in any capacity - volunteers or donation (whether it be monetary or labour) is always greatly appreciated. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

Alternatively, you can call our COO Joh directly on 0412 268 380 or email her at for more information.