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Sunday - 30 June 2024

If you’re brave enough to take on the 48 kilometre and 96 kilometre Kokoda Challenge in the Gold Coast, you’ll soon be acquainted with the infamous army land. Known for the long downhill sections that can play havoc on your knees and the steep mountains that you’ll more than likely be scaling in the dark, army land is a place you won’t forget after completing The Kokoda Challenge.

As the name suggests, army land is a section of the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge course that passes through land owned by the Australian Defence Forces. Otherwise known as Land Warfare Centre Kokoda Barracks, this is where the military regularly run training exercises including live firing drills and route marches.

Kokoda Barracks was actually established in 1942, the same year as the Kokoda Campaign, and was obtained by the Australian Government as it most resembled the harsh terrain in Papua New Guinea. Soldiers needed to be trained in jungle warfare before being deployed overseas so they would be well equipped for the difficulties they would face when fighting in the dense New Guinea jungle.

Walking on this land is a truly special experience as you are quite literally walking in the footsteps of Diggers who served in the 1942 Kokoda Campaign. You’re also more than likely to spot spent ammunition and even grenades while you pass through this land.

As access to this land is strictly prohibited prior to the event weekend, Army Land Training Day allows Kokoda Challenge competitors the opportunity to walk this section of the 48 kilometre and 96 kilometre Gold Coast course before the event weekend.

You must be registered in the 2024 Kokoda Challenge to attend the army land training day

  • This is an out-and-back track that will see you starting at checkpoint 8 walking through checkpoint 9 and turning around just before checkpoint 10, following the same route back. You will not be able to continue walking past the turn around point, all attendees must return to checkpoint 8 to ensure everyone is accounted for.
  • Please arrive at 7:00am for a 7:30am start, you will park your car inside the gates, check in with the volunteers, receive a safety briefing and then commence your walk or run. Participants will start in waves after the safety briefing.
  • Parking outside of army land (e.g. on the side of Beechmont Road is not permitted), you must park your car inside the gate.
  • There will be toilets located in the car park, you must pack a hand shovel and toilet paper for use outside of the car park.
  • You must walk with at least one other person at all times.
  • Registrations will close 11:59pm Monday 26th of June or unless sold out prior. All individuals attending must have a ticket to take part in the Army Land Training Day. Please make sure you respect the use of this private property by leaving no rubbish and burying faecal waste.

If this is your first time participating in the 48km or 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge, we highly recommend you register for the Army Land Training Day so you can become well acquainted with your course and ensure you’re prepared for the event!

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