19 Sep 2019

Mateship comes in all shapes and sizes. 

It shines through good times and bad. 

It encompasses loyalty and friendship, honesty and integrity. 

A core value of the Spirit of Kokoda, mateship is what binds our Australian diggers past and present. It is also what binds our Kokoda Challenge teams. 

Mateship is evident from the start, from rallying the team together to training, through to fundraising and planning with your team, your families, your community.

Together, you and your mates will experience tough terrain, moments of doubt, pain, fatigue and lack of motivation.

It is mateship that will push you to your limits, the thought of not letting others down, putting up a fight to get through it as a team. 

Mateship is the foundation that creates memories, that provokes banter, insight and fun. 

It is mateship that will help you achieve a once in a lifetime experience, starting and finishing together.