Heather Dabbs

I am tackling the 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

and would love for you to help our Journey! 

This physical challenge also includes raising funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. 

Their mission is to create life-changing opportunities for local Aussie Teens whilst instilling the Spirit of Kokoda values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship & Sacrifice.


Myself and my team would really appreciate your support. smile

Thank you to my Sponsors


Adrian Dabbs

Go Heath!


Peter Morichovitis



Catharina Wit

You're an inspiration Heather


Bronwyn Mitchell

Well done! What a fantastic achievement.


Mark Dyba

Good Luck - I have been support crew which is tough enough - ask your support crew to have warm salted boiled potatos and chicken noodle soup ready during the night stops - easy to stomach and warm you up.


Niko & Andrew

Choice bro!


Paul Smith

All the best Heather, hope you have a great experience.


Sue Hunter

Good on ya Dabbsie


Grace D

Proud of you Dabbsie and YES you are crazzzzzy :))


Adam Dabbs


Alison Herman

You very dedicated in your training - but I'll leave it to the others to do the stair climbing training with you.


Heidi Tankard

Congratulations on completing the challenge Heather!


Fadi Saab

Good Luck Heather :)


Steve Hinde

tootsi menka - Go Dabster


Troy Mitchell


Conor Hart

You might as well do another 4km to hit the 100 mark! ;) Oh and good luck...


Cecille Roberts

All the best Heather!


Hamish D Johnstone

Well done Heather!!! Great effort, what an amazing achievement!!


Andrea D

Go Heather !! You’ve got this girlfriend !!


Emma Angarita

So proud of you! I have been feeling *some* of your pain during our stair climbs together, but cannot imagine doing the real thing! Well done (and yes - you are totally crazy!) :)


Tony Trudgen

well done with all your training - and good luck for the big day/night! Very inspiring...


Peter Bent

Good luck!


Cindy Cloete

Good Luck!!!


Greg Little

best of luck, one hell of an effort.


Holly Jiang

Well Done Heather! Best of Luck :-)


Peter Briggs

Good work Heather, have fun!!


Matty D

You have set the bar Dabbsie and after seeing you smash those Karp court stairs almost daily, I have no doubt you will smash this challenge. ps- 13 is my lucky number hence the odd amount


Tonya O'brien


Paul Barnes



Wow! Good on you.


Deb Wright


Chad Size

Good luck Heather!


Peter Bean

You're a bit crazy for doing this, but good luck Heather!