Aaron Minton

I am tackling the Kokoda Challenge...

and would love for you to follow our Journey!

This physical challenge also includes raising funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. 

Their mission is to create life-changing opportunities for local Aussie Teens whilst instilling the Spirit of Kokoda values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship & Sacrifice.


We would love and appreciate your support .

Thank you to my Sponsors


Eleni Michael

Great cause - good luck Aaron!


Marto Holdings

Just like a normal weekend for you mate!


John Upton

Well done & good luck with the blisters


Anthony Lai

Good stuff mate, worthy cause.


Mitch Evans

Brilliant cause, good luck mate!


Bruce Abdul-raouf

Great work mate.


Bob & Kerry Minton



Neil Lait

Jason A few dollars towards your target. See David has skipped ahead so I skipped him and donated to you and Aaron to help catch up. Good work guys for a good cause and of course Good Luck.


Neil Lait

Aaron, donated more to you as you got the message to me and also see you were coming last in donations. Donated to Jase also and feel bad for leaving Dave out but he was getting more donations than you guys so assume more people like him? Maybe? Good stuff guys and pleased to be of some help


Danial Clarence

I don't know how you get time to do this stuff!!! Good on ya mate. Enjoy the Trek! If my wife and her 2 silly mates can do the real one, you've got this in the bag!!


Shawn Maloney

As per Neil Lait, Aaron got to me first. Good Luck men, hopefully you all walk out and two aren't carrying the third. Now that would be a Kokoda Kodak moment.


Helen Rolls

Good luck!


Alex Kwan

Good on ya!!!!


Barbara Purcell