Genesis - Mountain Men

We're tackling the Kokoda Challenge for .....

As part of our school RITE JOURNEY.

Team Updates


Yes we did. We got to the venue a little earlier than expected and it was chilly and foggy. We collected and Kokoda shirts and were ready to go and waited near the start point till all the 15klm walkers were let go at 9:30am. Once the sun kicked in and we started actual walking it was a nice warm day. The initial part of the walk was on the roads before we cut into the forest area along wide dirt tracks. Some teams were super keen to 'win' and despite some desire to sprint/jog by a few of our team we kept a steady pace all the way and finished in around 3hr 15min. The actual walk was 16.5klm (don't know how they measured 15klm). There were a few grunts and groans along the way when they were not snacking. I think the sugar lollies helped on the return journey too. As a team we stayed true to the 'TEAMWORK' etho of sticking together and finishing together which was fantastic when everybody was at different levels of fitness.

We are also truly grateful to all of our supporters who donated throughout the campaign and we managed to raise $1097 which was awesome.

THANK YOU to everyone for their support. 

Walk 13th May 2019

We finally had our whole team walk today. We looked for a similar length walk but with steeper street inclines which we managed to find. Had a few sprinkles of rain here and there and darkness fell quicker than was expected but we managed to knock over 10.5klm in 2hrs. More fitness and less dawdling by the boys is required if we are going to do the big walk in just under 3 weeks.

Walk 29th April

Travis, Brandon, Nathan & I set off for a couple of hour walk. We decided that we needed to find streets with some up steep inclines and managed to do this as well as walk around our local area. The walk was not too strenuous and we did about 12 to 12.5klm and were back to our starting point just over 2 hours later. With less than a month to go we will need to ramp up the inclines now.

Welcome another team member.

We are pleased to see Mitchell has joined our team now too. So we now have Brandon, Mitchell, Nathan, Travis and me.

Looking forward to more walks each week/fortnight leading up to the big day.


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Good Luck Mountain Men!!


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Run Brandon... Run; Life is like a box of chocolates, which is what you can have at the end of your trek!! All the best Brandon.


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Good Luck Brandon, we know you can do it!


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Good luck Craig & Travis


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Go Brandon, and enjoy yourself. We love you


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Good luck guys


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Good luck boys. Amazing initiative! Something you will never forget!!


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Go Brandon :)


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Good luck Brandy. You can do anything you set your mind to do. ❤️💙


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Good luck with it!


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Happy to help out guys, good luck !!


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Go hard Peatty people! Good luck and have a ball!


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Fantastic Craig. Such great support for your son and a great role model. Love your work!


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You’ll be fabulous Honey Bear!


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Good on you mate


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Good luck Craig and Travis!


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Awesome work Nathan!


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Keep strong. Good on you!


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