Phil Johnson

I am taking on the 2021 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge!

I am tackling the Kokoda Challenge...

I’m taking on the 2021 Gold Coast 96km Kokoda Challenge!

In July 2021, my teammates and I will be tackling the Gold Coast 96km Kokoda Challenge - Australia’s toughest team endurance event. 

This event raises funds for Aussie kids who participate in the Youth Programs run by the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

The Kokoda Youth Foundation is a local charity and their mission is to change the lives of Aussie teens by providing experiential programs that engage and inspire them to reach their full potential.  

I’m tackling the Kokoda Challenge to push my own physical and mental boundaries, and to change the lives of youth in our community. 2020 was a hard year on us all, your support and donation to this cause means the world to me and my team – thank you!

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Why ?

After completing two Gold Coast Kokoda Challenges – 96km in 2018 and 48km in 2019, I am entering Australia’s toughest team event for a third and final time this July as part a four person team called “Sole Searchers” to take on this year’s 96km Gold Coast Challenge .

I know firsthand that at some time during this challenge, when your legs, feet and knees are begging you to stop and your mind is telling you “you can't finish this”, that you are going to have to dig very deep and push on through. It is at this time when you start to ask yourself WHY am I doing this. If you do not connect deeply with your answer - you are going to struggle big time. For me, I have had a couple of why's and the one that got me started is still with me today, I want to help make positive change in the lives of young Australians.

You can help make the many hours and kilometres of training just that little bit easier and help us get through those mind and body breaking points during the challenge day by making this all worthwhile.

This event was conceived in 2005 by Douglas Henderson OAM, founder of Kokoda Youth Foundation, as the main fundraising initiative of the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP). The KCYP is a 15 month comprehensive journey that includes physical training and mentoring and community service where participants come from all walks of life and are all looking to be the best version of themselves. This extended time frame allows for opportunities to learn, make choices, fail and flourish..

In order to maximise the impact that the “Sole Searchers” can make on this foundation during 2021, we require the community’s assistance to raise funds that will be used to mould tomorrows generation and provide opportunities to youths in need. It is for this reason, that we seek your support by way of a donation. All funds raised by our team will directly benefit the KCYP - so every dollar will go directly to changing lives.

Any donation that you are able to make is appreciated and will go a long way to help motivate us to make it over the finish line.

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Happy Birthday matey! I am so proud of you doing this walk again and how strong your 'why' is. I can't wait to celebrate with you on the other side.


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Create your own team and tackle the Kokoda Challenge


5 - 6th of June 2021

15km | 30km | 48km



17 - 18th of July 2021

15km | 48km | 96km



Date TBA

15km | 30km | 48km


Raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation

Through the Kokoda Challenge, you will be raising funds for Aussie kids who participate in Youth Programs run by the Kokoda Youth Foundation. We are a local charity with a mission to change the lives of Aussie teens by providing experiential programs that engage and inspire them to reach their full potential.

We also aim to educate all Australians about the history of the Kokoda Campaign in 1942 and offer a life-changing experience for all Kokoda Challenge competitors in our amazing team events!