Shane Preskey

I am tackling the Kokoda Challenge...

I am tackling the Kokoda Challenge and would love for you to follow our Journey!

This physical challenge also includes raising funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. 

Their mission is to create life-changing opportunities for local Aussie Teens whilst instilling the Spirit of Kokoda values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship & Sacrifice.


We would love and appreciate your support .

My Updates

At the finish line

No words

No longer unfinished business

Wow, unbelieveable, I can't describe how special this event is.

What a great experience the Kokoda challenge is, you think you have done the hard yards and all the training required to prepare yourself for this event, with all that said, it is incredibly difficult and you can never do enough training!!!

So from the whole of the team You'll Never Walk Alone, congratulations to every single person/team who attempted to complete the gruiling 96km's that is the Gold Coast Kokoda challenge, you are all legends, if you did or did not finish you gave it a go and that is all that matters and what this event is all about. Remember that.

The encouragement that was shared throughout the event was awesome, it was heartbreaking to see some team members having to drop out through injury or pure exhaustion, but as I said, you are legends for being part of this amazing event.

I could go on all night about how special the event is but I won't, what I would like to shout about is my incredible team members, Kelly and Jacinta, I can't express how super special(and maybe insane) you are, to agree to do the event for a second time (knowing exactly how tough it is) because your friend and my wife had to drop out last year through injury is in itself amazing. Only incredible friends would do this, and that is exactly what you are. To my wife, you were fantastic, having a second go always having the thought of last years injury in the back of your head, but again, you are amazingly strong and you smashed it as we knew you would.

Thanks to these wonderful ladies, they dragged me through the last 30Km's when I was really suffering from knee, groin and back pain, I wouldn't have got to the end woithout you all, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This is by far the hardest challenge I have ever been apart of, but it is also the most rewarding. It is nothing compared to what those Diggers went through for us all in PNG, we will never be able to thank you enough, and you are the true heroes of this great event.

Thanks from YNWA




It's been a while

Wow it's been ages since I updated the site, sorry I have been so slack. There has been many training session since my last update. The last one was 41K and what a great day it was, great weather and a great affort by all the team.

I am so glad I am walking with Kelly, Jacinta and Lel, it's a pleasure walking with these ladies each week, there is never a dull moment, it's always fun and I can honestly say its a blast everytime. We all love the pub at the end for a little lunch and the best tasting beer ever(after every walk)

We have seen so many other teams training this year which has been great, so many young Kokoda kids and school teams good luck to all.

I have posted a few pics from the 41K recently.

Good luck to all, keep up the great work all, see you all very soon.


This weekend we will be completing the Ballina to byron Bay wallk, 37km, happy training aal.



Syd Duncan to Nerang

Good evening all,

What a great days training on Saturday, the last 28Km of the Kokoda track, Syd Duncan through Hellfire pass and onto Nerang, can't wait to actually walk down that last 4km of the track on the final day of the 96km, it will be very special and I know there will be many tears. We did a very reasonable time taking into account that we stopped numerous times to take pictures of Wallabies, koala's and Lizards, we beat our previous time for the same walk by 35 minutes, a time of 6hrs 22minutes, a great effort by the team. All finished and fealt so much better than the last time, the training is obvioulsy paying off for us all.

Well done to Jacinta for pushing on with a sore knee, it's amazing waht you can accomplish with a bit of tape and a small bum bag, great thinking Kelly:)

Attached are some of the pics from this weeks trecking, all the best to my team mates for the Twead heads charity walk next week, I know you will smash it, enjoy the well earned drink afterwards, have one for me.

Until next time, all the best from the YNWA unfinished business team.

Met Nimel to Polly's

Last one

Met Nimel to Polly's


More pics Mnt Nimel to Polly's

Good times

Training at Mnt Nimel to Polly's

Good evening 

Another great session this weekend, full team and full steam ahead. Mnt Nimel to Polly's, 18.48km in total, nice to go back to the beginning and complete the first two big climbs, we actually improved our time by 5 minutes(compared to last year) we all pulled up really well, so we were all impressed. Starting to build those km's now, plenty more training to come and many more long days trekking through the Hinterland, oh and many more visits to the cool down at the pub:)


All the best to all the other teams out there, happy trecking.


HellFire Pass, there and back

Another great session this weekend, started at Syd Duncan and decended to the bottom of Hellfire pass and back, only a short 16km walk this week, to allow us time to pop in at Nerang for the Kokoda open day. The views from Syd Duncan and the road to Hellfire pass are pretty's worth taking the time to take them in.

On to the training day:

Hellfire pass lives up to it's name, it's damn steep, it's strange when you are going down, all you seem to think about is "i have got to walk back up this bloody hill" As always the team did a great job, 16.14km in 3:51:48, all this in well over 30+ temps. Well done all. Lel, you were on fire smashing the walk back up, very impressive, Kelly and myself took a more steady approach, but we all got through it as a team(as always)

We missed our fourth team member this weekend but Jacinta will be back with a vengance for more training next week. 

Pictures to follow later:)

Thanks again to all that have donated so far, good trecking to all other teams training for the 2019 96km challenge.

All the best from YNWA Unfinished business.



So for our training this weekend we decided to complete the waterfall circuit followed by the Army land section, up to the restricted area(to the gate) It was a nice cool day when we started at 7:30am, it didn't last long, it was soon over 30c and stinking hot.

It was probably a mistake doing the waterfall section first, we should have done the reverse, Army Land, then the waterfall circuit, oh well we live and learn.

It's very strange how you forget the sections across the 96km, but trust me as soon as you get back out there, the memories come flooding back and you remember all the challenges very quickly. I really do not like the Army land track, I can't explain how steep this section is and it just seems to keep on going. To add to the difficulty of the climb and desent this weekend it was very slippery underfoot, it looked like they had been grading the tracks, there was a lot of loose rock and silt under foot and this made it very hard work to walk on. But in true YNWA fashion the team smashed the 22km's and as usual, we had some great laughs along the way, crickets hitting team members in the face, sightnings of strange lizards, plenty of spider webs across the tracks, plus many other funny events.

As soon as we had completed the course, we had the usual debrief and in the true traditional YNWA way, we headed to the pub for a pint and a feed.

To all that have already donated, we are truly grateful, thanks to all, it is greatly appreciated.

Until next time, all the best from YNWA Unfinished Business 2019 team.

Thanks Kelly, Jacinta, Lel and Shane.





Wow, so I am really doing this great challenge this year.

Last year I had the great pleasure of training with the You'll Never Walk Alone team, Lesley, Jacinta, Kelly and Shane, many, many long hot hard walks through the Gold Coast Hinterland, many great laughs and lots of visits to the pub on the way home. I was part of their support crew and the great pleasure of cheering them across the finishing line after the long 96km's

The team name this year has slightly changed to YNWA Unfinished Business 2019, which is the reason why I have stepped up for the challenge, due to an unfortunate injury 50km's in, Lesley(my wife) had to pull out, which was devastating, the remaining 3 members rallied like the stars they are and finished the job, all 4 crossed the line together but Lesley felt she had unfinished business, so here we are again, one Shane swapped for another Shane, the team are back in training again, still enjoying the hard yards, but most of all the visits to the PUBS.



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