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Team Training Day 1 - Polly's Kitchen to 'The Vomit Log'

Hi All, Belinda here! 


Today marks the first group training session of many to come. It was more brutal for some than others (group conclusion is that Tim has springs in his legs) and gave us all our first real taste of the horrible, horrible & seemingly vertical hill climbs to come. 

Despite some initial hesitations - we made it to the top in about an hour and it was at this point that I made the executive decision that despite this log being 'The Vomit Log', I needed to lie down. Don't judge me. 

Round trip time came to approx. 2 hours with a well earned snack break at the top. The trip down involved a lot of slipping and sliding (and falling over for me) which led to the conclusion that the next items to be bought are the hiking poles. 

All in all, a successful day that has left me with a few key points to take away: 
- I personally need to do approximately 50 million squats & lunges
- That we have a great team of people, who have no small amount of patience, understanding and encouragement for one another. 


Stay tuned!!

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With you and the cause, all the way.


Kevin Phillips


Mum & Dad Jeffries


Fay Harwood

I wish you all the best in achieving this amazing goal.


Jo Newton

Hi Rosalie, Go you! I'm super impressed that you are doing this. What a great goal and great charity.




Tim Kent


Chiqui Kent


Sue Wang

You guys are awesome!!