Bridgid Junot

I am tackling the Kokoda Challenge...

and would love for you to follow our Journey!

This physical challenge also includes raising funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. 

Their mission is to create life-changing opportunities for local Aussie Teens whilst instilling the Spirit of Kokoda values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship & Sacrifice.


We would love and appreciate your support .

My Updates

We're all in

Hi Everybody! My friends Dana and Dave, together with my gorgeous husband Carl have committed to our first ever Kokoda Challenge - Melbourne! I've always wanted to trek the real Kokoda trail, but I thought I'd give this 30km walk a go to see if I could actually do it, or not?

Dave and Dana are great friends of ours but we are all so busy so don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. I thought this would give the four of us something to look foward to, and something we can work towards as a group. 

As we physically prepare for this challenge, we are also raising money for Kokoda Kids, a program to help Australian teenagers develop important leadership skills. We invite you to help us raise at least $400 for this worthy cause!

Please join us on our three month journey as my team mates and I prepare for the Kokoda Challenge on 4 October.

Bridg, Carl, Dana and David


Thank you to my Sponsors


Helen/gary Junot

We are so proud of you!! Live you, too!