Dad Joke

We're tackling the Kokoda Challenge for the opportunity to raise money for a great cause, the challenge and the opportunity to do something as dads and daughters

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Wendy Hanlin

Go hard or go home (but don't hurt your knee!)


Lorraine Hatton

Good luck Tony 😀


Brad Horn

Enjoy Bogger!


Bradley Horn

Good luck guys. have fun.


Marcus Mcauliffe

Good on ya guys! I hope that old frame of yours holds up Fidsy. :-)


David Hanlin

Good luck Tony and Maya.


Andrew Clegg

All the best regardless of season weather or terrain. I will be waiting at the pub at the end. Cleggy


Doug Hanlin

We wish you well. Stay safe.


Stuart Mcneill

Just like Stand 11



Hope you have a great time.


Grant Preston

Nice work Sam!



Well done David!


Tom Datson

Well done mate. Keep up the good work. They need it


Ian C


Danny Hovey

You wont need luck so I wont wish it. This is a great cause and I hope you get plenty of support to help those that have kept us all safe and enjoying our freedom. xxxoooo


Sally Vlainic


Andy Black

Great cause Sam happy to help a fellow rs owner


Michael B

All the best Tony. It's a wonderful thing to be doing with your daughter. Bat


Rach Rubio

Proud of you miss Maya! Smash it :)


Ms Jo :)

This sounds incredible! What an adventure!


Tony Bywater