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My target 96 kms

I am stronger than you Sciatica!!!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kokoda Challenge was forced to cancel all their events and youth programs for 2020. I am helping them keep the Kokoda community alive, fit and healthy together as one during isolation by completing the 2020 Virtual Kokoda Challenge! I will be completing the challenge in one month and, while donations aren’t necessary, the Kokoda Youth Foundation are a non-profit organisation that rely solely on donations to run their 14-month youth programs which creates life-changing opportunities for local Aussie teens while instilling the Spirit of Kokoda.

My Updates

Nerang National Park Trail

If there's one thing I realized today is the fact that Bitumen and Loose Ground Trails are two different things. I can easily walk, jog or run 20Km on a bitumen but doing the loose ground trail, after 15kms, I was already feeling it - ankles and right knee started to hurt. I stumbled and almost fell but that was a great recovery so no harm done. Nature everywhere, which was magnificent and a great hiking buddy. Shall I come back again? You bet, I will and increase kms too as months pass in preparation for the real Kokoda Challenge.