Judith Newman

Here we go again, number 3....

one sucessful, one not so successful.

In 2019 we are doing it all again....why.....mmmmm not 100% sure, other than it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and wanted to make sure 2018 wasn’t just a fluke😁😁

When we are training we see the Kokoda Kids walking and training, know what we are doing is helping them to develop themselves and give them a focus, drive and a purpose in life. 

Our son was very fortunate to be born with two pretty amazing parents 🤣🤣, who are able to provide him with a safe, secure and positive life.  Some kids are not so lucky and the Kokoda foundation helps to provide those kids with a sense of belonging and enable them to participate in these events, making them confident and gain a belief in themselves.

Please support our team as we support the Kokoda Foundation. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Judith Newman


Simon Lyons

Awesome effort Judith, I mean to donate to support you before the hike rather than to congratulate you for it. Great achievement!



Good Luck!


Amanda And Steve Adams

Good luck psycho!!


Molly Oneill-emmi

I think you’re nuts 😉🤣 But I applaud your dedication, commitment and will. You got this!! 💜


Judith Newman