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We're tackling the Kokoda Challenge for .....

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The Mulga Lads

All the best Reg! Don't let those boys slow you down! Crack the whip!


Hargrove Real Estate


Jodie O’brien

Good luck, Harry! Don’t forget to send photos 🙂 Jodie, Tom, Leia, Jonah, Blaze, Chance, Fish, Shrimp, Snails


Joel Munro

good luck tubby!!!!


Pomona Hardware


Lowrie Williams

Good luck josh and team


Buluga Albino

3rd year in a row. Go hard bub you are a inspiration to us all x


Pomona Butcher Customer Pomona



Harry keep rocking am very proud of you xx


Tanya Watt

You and Harry are awesome! Good Luck and well done!! Xxx


Roxy Haynes


Holly Hock Cottage Pomona


Lynn Hood


Shane Munro

Go hard buddy. Remember the force.


Keith Morrison

If I didn’t donate I was told I had to clean the boat, have fun on your walk! Don’t have cars?


Grantley Rayner


Devs Cafe Pomona


Pomona Beauty Customer Pomona


Ashleigh Rainer

Woohoo! You will smash it.


Shell Pomona


Pomona Fruit And Veg


Bali Hut Pomona Employee Pomona