Introducing the Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC School Cup

18 Mar 2021
Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC Kokoda Challenge School Cup
Awarded to the school team that raises the most for the Kokoda Youth Foundation across all 2021 Kokoda Challenge events.

To be awarded the Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC Shool Cup your team  must raise the most amount of funds out of all school teams from all events across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne in 2021.

Named after Kokoda Veteran Bruce Steel Kingsbury of the 2/14th Battalion who was awarded the Victoria Cross which is the Commonwealth’s highest decoration for bravery.

Kingsbury was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross after he and the men of the 2/14th relieved the worn out men of the 39th Battalion at Isurava along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea.

It wasn’t long before they came under heavy Japanese attack, outnumbered six to one, that was threatening Battalion Headquarters. Kingsbury charged forward firing a Bren light machine gun from his hip and breaking the Japanese lines of advance and inspiring the other men to push forward, forcing the Japanese to retreat back into the jungle. Kingsbury sought shelter behind a large rock to reload his gun where he was shot dead by a sniper.

A memorial has been erected honouring Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC along the Kokoda Track and he rests at Bomana War Cemetery.
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