Best Hidden Gold Coast Swimming Hole

07 Sep 2020
Girl sitting in front of Gorge Falls in Tallebudgera Valley for the Kokoda Virtual Challenge

If you’re a Gold Coast local, then you have probably done the Currumbin Rock Pools and Cougal Cascades to death. Both are an exceptionally beautiful spot; you can take your dogs to the rock pools, it’s a great spot for a picnic with a magnificent lagoon for swimming and the Cougal Cascades even features a natural rock waterslide! However, the crowds do tend to flock at these hot spots on those balmy Gold Coast days, so if you’re looking to escape the crowds and are looking for a new adventure then we’ve got just the thing!


Gorge Falls, Tallebudgera Valley

Not too far from the Currumbin Rock Pools and the Cougal Cascades is this little hidden gem in the Tallebudgera Valley which boasts a spectacular waterfall and secluded waterhole for you to take a refreshing dip in after your walk.


How to get there:

Located at the end of Tallebudgera Creek Road, Talledbudgera Valley.

This drive is ah-mazing, windy roads lined by an amass of beautiful old trees, you will pass Tallebudgera Creek Dam and can stop at Harley Smith Reserve or Araluen Park to sit by the creek for a picnic on your way there or on the way back!

Once you get to the very end of the road, you should see cars parked on the sides of the roads, make sure you respect the neighbours as they have put up signs advising where you should and shouldn’t park so as not to block their access.

View from the top of Springbrook Plateau at the otherside of The Cream Track

There are a few creek crossings along The Cream Track which you should be able to cross safely with sturdy shoes and if it hasn't been raining recently. Be careful though, it can be slippery!


The walk:

Once you’ve parked the car, walk up the dirt road with the “NO THROUGH ROAD” sign. You will soon come across a hiking boot cleaning station with another sign indicating that you have come to “The Cream Track” which, if you follow the signs the whole way up the mountain, will lead you to the top of Springbrook National Park after following this 5.3 kilometre trail.

However, to get to Gorge Falls, you need to start by following the indicators along The Cream Track but then continue to follow the creek when the track starts to take you up hill. The Cream Track begins with a few small creek crossing which you should be able to rock hop over. The track is well signed, however, when you get to a point where the signs indicate for you to go up hill, take the path to the left that follows the creek instead. There are no more signs after this point, so you will need to use the creek as your guide (getting lost near impossible). If you have veered from the creek at all and are going uphill then simply turn back and take the trail closest to the creek. After this point, you will mostly be rock-hopping until you reach the falls so good footwear is highly recommended!

The waterfall isn’t visible until you scramble over some fallen trees and large boulders, but once you scale these small hurdles you are sure to stand there in awe of this beautiful site!

This is an out-and-back trail so follow the same path you took to get to the waterfall to get back to your car. You’re sure to see other adventurers along the way and many people opt to take their kids too as it isn’t too arduous if you have outdoors-y little ones. There are sadly though no doggos allowed :( 



We hate to sound like a concerned mother, but we can’t help ourselves, so please make sure you read up on some of our safety tips before you ever go out hiking or trail running. It’s important that you check the Queensland National Parks website for any health and safety advice, always tell someone where you’re going and check the weather too!


If you end up venturing to this wonderful spot then we would love to see your photos and hear what you thought! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook to share your adventure with us and sign up below to receive more adventures just like this one via email!